Papa & Barkley: Pure CBD Products for Everybody

Papa & Barkley have risen from their humble beginnings to become the best-selling topical CBD brand in California. More than just a CBD brand, Papa & Barkley have recently begun working with THC in order to produce the most effective cannabis topicals possible. From their heartwarming origins to their unique extraction process, Papa & Barkley is not your typical cannabis brand.

Harnessing The Healing Power of Cannabis

The crew at Papa & Barkley don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs or brand ambassadors. Instead, they are a family of caregivers and cannabis professionals dedicated to unlocking the power of cannabis healing.

Their story begins with Papa & Barkley, CEO Adam Grossman’s father and his dog. With his father suffering from debilitating back pain, Adam put his cannabis knowledge to use producing homemade topical balms to help alleviate his father’s pain. Since then, Adam’s team has refined their craft, now producing a range of cannabis topicals designed to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for anyone who is suffering. 

Quality From Start To Finish

Papa & Barkley is a brand that prioritizes quality from start to finish, beginning with the growth of clean, high-quality hemp. The hemp flower that Papa & Barkley sources their flower from trusted farmers that grow their hemp in native soil using organic growing techniques.

Papa & Barkley also use a unique whole-plant infusion process that produces clean and effective CBD products. The process completely avoids the use of any chemicals or compounds typically used in the extraction process (butane, ethanol, CO2, etc.). Instead, it relies on pressure and heat to create an extract that is then mixed with beeswax and an essential oil blend to produce unique and effective CBD topicals.

Moreover, their products are made using whole-plant extracts, not CBD isolate. Whole-plant extracts are able to take advantage of the entourage effect to produce more potent therapeutic effects. Full-spectrum whole plant extracts are rich in beneficial terpenes and flavonoids, and phytonutrients that boost CBD’s effectiveness. 

Certified Purity

CBD has a real talent for sucking up any impurities and toxins present in the soil it is grown in. As such, consistent and independent testing is crucial to ensuring the purity and safety of CBD products.

Papa & Barkley CBD products are tested for purity at 3 different points during the production process. The flower is first tested for toxins, metals, and other impurities. After mixing, the blended oil is tested for purity. And finally, the final product is tested for purity and potency before being packaged and distributed. Want proof? Check out their website for certificates of analysis for each batch of products they produce.

We love CBD products! You can find Papa & Barkley at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Check out our menu to see what’s in stock. 

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