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CBG — What In The heck Is This stuff?

CBG – The Mother of All Cannabinoids

CBG is yet another recent fascinating cannabinoid discovery on hemp and cannabis. It’s the third most common cannabinoid in cannabis, after THC and CBD. CBG is actually the cannabinoid precursor to both THC and CBD. With that in mind, the propyl variation (CBGV) is also the precursor to THCV and CBDV. This is why we call it the mother of all cannabinoids. Once transformed to THC or CBD, the cannabinoid stays in its final form until boiled or smoked (we will explore the afterlife of THC and CBD in a follow-up post, sit tight!)

Just like any other cannabinoid, CBG is extracted to be used in products or simply smoked. However, in order to extract CBG, you must harvest the plant at 6 weeks, which is 2 weeks earlier than a regular plant would be harvested at. By then, THC and CBD have not been fully developed and you’re left with raw CBG and other smaller cannabinoids.

CBG is more frequently found in hemp fiber than in most mature cannabis strains.

So how exactly should you expect to feel on CBG? And how does it interact with our bodies?

Well, for starters, CBG is non-psychoactive. You may pair it with other cannabinoids for full-spectrum effects, but on its own, it presents no nervous system (CB1 receptors) activation. CBG interacts primarily with your CB2 receptors, and only a small portion of CB1 receptors, similar to CBD. CBG was also found to interact with our 5-HT1A receptors which are responsible for regulating serotonin, learning, and memory. (1) This ultimately makes CBG a cognitive enhancer, facilitating tasks that require memory retention and learning.

1. Medical B—enefits

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
CBG is effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD is an umbrella term describing conditions that present chronic inflammation in the digestive tract. Some common conditions include ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Symptoms of IBD diseases are diarrhea, fatigue, and reduced appetite.

Approximately 1.6 million Americans have IBD, with a reported 70,000 new cases every year (2). To this day, there are no known cures for IBD, no known procedures to prevent it from occurring or progressing.

In a study conducted in 2017, a form of murine colitis was introduced to mice. The researchers then introduced CBG in the mice’s body, and found that CBG attenuated murine colitis, in addition to reducing nitric oxide production in macrophages. (3)

Anti-tumor – Gastric Cancer (4)

Let’s come to terms with the expression “cannabis cures cancer”. Has science really found what strains to smoke to cure cancer? Is there such a miracle cannabinoid that offers the answers to all of our serious illness questions? CBG is the biggest discovery this past decade that sheds some light on the big C.

One of the most advanced countries in cannabis research is unquestionably Israel. From the discovery of THC by Raphael Mechoulam to the Israeli’s military interest in THC to treating PTSD (since 2004!) Israel is the leading pioneer in finding new ways to use cannabis’ compounds to treat some of the most complex medical matters.
A 2020 correspondence study between Tel Aviv and Bethesda has uncovered CBG’s (as well as CBC’s) anti-tumor properties.

After a short period of time, CBG was found to induce necrosis in gastrointestinal cancer cells. In 2021 alone, 26,560 new cases of gastric cancer were reported, and a staggering 11,180 deaths (5) have occurred since the beginning of the year. Is legality still in question here?

That said, what are some recreational ways to enjoy CBG’s properties?

CBG The Higher Path
White information poster of Cannabigerol Benefits with icons and cannabigerol chemical formula

CBG/CBC hemp-prerolls

As some of you know, we celebrated 4/20 this year by opening a new store two shops down from The Higher Path. The Other Path has a crazy selection of hemp-derived, non-psychoactive products that offer just as many benefits as cannabis-derived products. At this wonderful boutique, we carry these hemp CBG/CBC pre-rolls. A combination of both cannabinoids will leave you feeling alleviated and comfortable.

WYLD Pear Gummies – 1:1 THC:CBG

Our budtenders have never been more excited when a product hits the shelves. Not only are we huge fans of WYLD gummies, but we’re also even bigger fans of crazy and new cannabinoids products. Of all their delectable flavors, I believe pear to be the most savory.

For those sensitive to THC, I recommend half a gummy for the perfect balance. The synergistic effects of THC and CBG are almost too good to be true. CBG offers a mind-balancing, cloud-like feeling while THC offers a smooth and relaxed psychoactive feeling. However, to my surprise, it was unlike a typical Indica-like gummy feeling. After taking a

whole gummy, I found myself cleaning everything that was in sight while listening to some old songs I had completely forgotten about. It was pretty great.

As always, if you have any questions regarding CBG use for medical or recreational purposes, ask one of our budtenders. They know about everything you need to know, as well as first-hand experience with most products. Come on, pick our brains a little!


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