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"The Higher Path has been a literal God-send. My roommate and I were both unemployed during the pandemic and suffer from auto-immune diseases. My roommate had a work-related injury and unfortunately is allergic to pill form medication. She was in a lot of pain and fighting constant inflammation. The Higher Path has been so compassionate and caring, we were genuinely suffering and they’ve always come through for us with a smile. The Compassion Program has given us space to breathe and the pain relief we needed. The closest thing to love you can get!"
– Ha Lim, a Compassion Participant at THP
"I recently enrolled in The Higher Path's Compassion Program and have been astonished by their commitment to their patients' needs, their kindness, and their generosity. The Higher Path goes above and beyond for each and every patient and customer. Their staff and customer service are without peer."
– Pamela, a Compassion Participant at THP
With the passing of Bill SB34, we can legally donate cannabis to those in need. We are delighted to be able to offer tested and high-quality medical cannabis free of charge to our lower-income medical cannabis customers through our new Higher Path Compassion Program.

Are You a U.S. Veteran Who Could Use Free Cannabis?

What is the Compassion Program?
This program proudly provides free medical cannabis  and cannabis products to low income Los Angeles residents in accordance with the SB-34 Dennis Peron Brownie Mary Act. To be eligible for this program, all applicants must submit a completed application and required supporting documentation. Due to high demand, we can only enroll Medical Patients who meet the criteria. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee enrollment.
How do I apply?
-You must be a current Higher Path member
-Valid MMIC or Doctor's Recommendation
-Fill out this application completely
-Upload supporting documents
What if I'm not a member, or do not have a valid Doctor's Recommendation?
To become a member of the Higher Path Collective, sign up here.

To apply for a Doctor's Recommendation, click here.
Which medicines are available to me?
All compassion cannabis products are laboratory tested in accordance with California state law. These products are all subject to availability, and program members will be notified when designated product arrives. You may choose to partake or pass on each designated option.
Will my personal information be protected?
Yes, everything you submit is subject to HIPAA compliancy and is kept strictly confidential. Used solely for the purposes of administering The Higher Path Compassion Program.
What to expect
Once you have been approved as a qualifying compassion customer you will receive a welcome email which will explain your next steps on how to begin receiving your free cannabis goods. The welcome email will include a menu as well as instructions for your first visit. We look forward to seeing you!
Have more questions?

We are at capacity for our compassion program at this time. Please check back again next month!