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When you walk inside the most beautiful dispensary in LA, you’ll find that we made a few changes. We’ve been treating cannabis differently, and this change is no exception to our innovative takes on our favorite flower. We are organizing some of our most frequently asked and treated ailments under 6 main categories. Sleep, Pain, Anxiety, Women’s Health, Intimacy, and High Potency.

So here is your guide to our new system. Each ailment is listed below, along with a few questions to ask yourself before coming in. You’ll also find some of our most popular products under the ailments descriptions and questions.

Keep in mind that every product will work differently on everyone, and any recommendation we make is general to that ailment.


On average, we receive about 300 patients a day, of which 50 patients ask for products that can help them with insomnia, restlessness, or anxiety, all sleep-related conditions. Our budtenders will always ask “Are you having trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep?”. Depending on the answer, we are always able to recommend at least two to three products, in under a minute! As simple as this may sound, a handful of products can very well help with all sleep-related issues.

Ask yourself: Am I having trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep? How high do I want to get before sleeping?

20:1 CBD Watermelon Gummies – Kanha

With 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC, this edible is perfect for those who are having trouble falling asleep. The CBD will calm your immune system to the point where your body will want to fall asleep, and the added THC will simply keep your nervous system at ease as you drift into a restful 8 hours of sleep.

Dreamt For Sleep Disposable – Dreamt

Dreamt’s disposable vaporizer is packed with an assortment of cannabinoids and herbs that will ensure a safe night’s sleep. The vaporizer includes Melatonin, Valerian Root as well as appropriate doses of THC. This is great for immediate effects.


There are various ways to go about treating pain with cannabis. Remember, THC is for your nervous system, and CBD is for your immune system. A combination of both serves those with severe chronic pain. Any form of pain can be treated with quite literally any product in-store! The process of finding a product that works for you may be long, but gratifying once you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ask yourself: Is the pain acute or chronic? Localized, or general? How long does the pain last? How would I like to administer my medicine?

Strawberry 1:1 Gummies – The Higher Path

THP has created its own golden ratioed gummies. In these tiny, power-packed edibles, you’ll find equal amounts of THC (10mg) and CBD (10mg) with added Vitamin C.

1:3 THC Rich Topical – Papa & Barkley

Topicals are a great alternative for those not looking to ingest any cannabis products. This THC-rich topical is great for massages and for joint application. Topicals will not get you high.


Anxiety is a tricky ailment to treat with cannabis. Lower doses of THC are known to decrease anxiety, and higher doses of THC are known to increase anxiety. The secret cannabinoid for anxiety is CBD. It is famous for its serotonin-regulating properties. The chemical serotonin is essential for elevating mood and lowering anxiety. Opting for a higher-dosed CBD capsule, edible or tincture is always the best long-term alternative to treating anxiety with cannabis.

Ask yourself: How quickly do I want anxiety relief? Am I comfortable being high while I’m anxious?

40:1 CBD Capsules – Care By Design

With a stunning 32mg of CBD and 0.5mg of THC, you will find that these capsules work quite well to help with daily anxiety. The only ingredients found in these capsules are coconut oil and cannabis oil. Care By Design keeps its products clean and simple for the enjoyment of all.

4:1 Honey Citrus Disposable – Dom Pen

For faster relief, Dom Pen offers a slick solution. Their disposable pen has a perfect 4:1 dose for fast anxiety relief. It pulls smoothly and overall looks great.

Women’s Health

Cannabis has been used by thousands of women to help with symptoms from menstrual cycles to menopause. THP carries a handful of products that can help with different stages during those very periods and any acute or chronic pain that can be brought with them.

Ask yourself: What time of day are my symptoms the worst, and how do I want to manage the pain?

Everyday Suppository – Hello Again

This magical vaginal suppository acts as an all-around cramp and cycle reliever. It assists your body through pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and overall hormonal balance. Still not convinced? Visit Hello Again’s website for an endless list of positive reviews. Although the products contain small amounts of THC, the suppositories are not psychoactive.

Inner Balance Tincture – Cosmic View

Made with pure and organic ingredients, Cosmic View has branded these as “Women’s Daily Health Drops”. It is a powerful 5:1 olive-oil-based tincture that can help relieve inflammation throughout the toughest moments of the month. Some of their added ingredients have mood-stabilizing effects, such as passionflower.


There is truly no right or wrong answer when it comes to intimacy and cannabis. Everyone responds differently to different products. For example, if you are an overthinker, calmer “Indica” strains high in Limonene and Myrcene are preferable. If you’d like to focus on your partner and their pleasure, strains high in Pinene and Limonene provide the energy and focus you’re looking for. The key here is to not get too high, as this can shut a beautiful time off.

Ask yourself: What are my comfort levels with different terpenes? Does my partner have the same tolerance as me? What is my THC limit before getting “too” high?

Peach & Guava Bellini – Pamos

The taste of these drinks alone is enough to stimulate the senses. The drinks have 6mg of THC and 3mg of CBD, making them medium-dosed bubbly drinks. Pour over ice and enjoy with your partner.

High Potency

The more you consume, the higher your tolerance will be. Fortunately, the cannabis industry has never fallen short of innovative high-potency products. We happen to carry some of California’s finest high-testing THC flower, tinctures, edibles, and vapable products.

Ask yourself: How do I want to feel?

Diamond-Infused Joint Pack – The Higher Path

Our house-infused prerolls come in a 2-pack and a 6-pack. They are 0.5g each, infused with live-resin diamonds. You’ll find a variety of Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas, all testing at about 30%. The fruity taste of the melting diamonds will leave you with a clear head high and a big smile.

THC Rich Tincture 1000mg – Proof

We aren’t kidding when we say you’ll get “stoned” from using this tincture. Quite literally, you will feel like a solid rock. This high THC tincture from Proof offers 30mg per ml. Simply place the liquid under your tongue for 30 seconds, and wait 2 hours for a full effect. Enjoy!

For an ongoing list of products to alleviate your particular issues, be sure to stop in the store, pick up a basket, and check out our open-shopping ailments shelves!

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