420 Is a Great Time To Try New Cannabis Products

Cannabis’ world-renowned 420 holiday is only a couple of days away. That said, holidays at The Higher Path are synonymous with great deals. Before we get ready to dive into the festivities of 420, we would like to share some of our favorite products that will be on sale throughout our 4 days of 420, here at THP.


Buy 4 for $20 Leune prerolls.
Starting strong with one of our best 420 deals, we have the 4 for $20 Leune pre-rolls. Each Leune pre-roll is individually rolled with love and clean, honestly-grown, California flower.
Mix and match your favorite infused and non-infused pre-rolls to complete this amazing deal! The strains vary from the Sativa Sol Berry, to the zen Desert Gold, each fantastic for beginner and intermediate smokers.

Three Kings Pre-rolls BOGONew to our floor are the 3 Kings infused pre-rolls. Designed for the smokers looking for a finer experience, the indoor-flower pre-rolls come in two Sativa and two Indica varieties. The 1.5g pre-rolls are covered infused with oil and covered in kief. Treat yourself to something exceptional to celebrate our international day with this buy one get one for $1 deal.


Fizz BOGO for $1.With a delightfully effervescent texture and a clean, refreshing taste, The Fizz Sparkling Water is a notch above the rest. Flavors vary from Lime and Grapefruit, to Natural Cola. Whether it’s enjoying a picnic in the shade, or going to the beach, the 0 calorie Fizz drink is the perfect companion. For our 4 days of 420, you can buy one of these drinks and get another one for a dollar!

Super Marshmallow

This delicious marshmallow comes in two delicious flavours: strawberry cake, and a half/half birthday cake and chocolate cake. With a total of 100mg, you can split this edible to your desired dose. These finely-made medicated confections are gluten-free. Mellows are 20% off all throughout our 4 days of 420.


Jet Fuel – Jack Herer. Distinctively blissful, creative high. This flower is high in terpinolene and pinene, giving it a motivating kick. The company Jet Fuel is a subsidiary of AirField Supply Co. They specialize in crafting highly-curated, small batch cannabis, making quality cannabis with beautiful terpene profiles. All Jet Fuel 8ths are 20% off throughout our 4 days of 420! On Tuesday the 20th, the first 10 customers to purchase any Jet Fuel products get a joint pack!

Chun Li OG from Grizzly Peak. Testing at a high 30.6%, this Indica dominant strain will knock you harder than Chun Li herself. Named after the Street Fighter character Chun Li, the strain packs a punch in the heavy myrcene and pinene profile. Even the most proficient stoners will get a relaxing body high from Grizzly Peaks Chun Li OG.


Dom Pen 1g
Dom Pen uses an ethanol-based extraction process, where unwanted plant matter is separated from cannabinoid-rich material. They then carefully blend crafted proprietary terpene profiles into every pen. These organic plant-derived terpene profiles are added for enhanced flavor, targeted effects, and maximum discretion. Throughout 420, all Dom Pen products will be at a staggering 42% off!

STIIIZY Gold Line Live Resin Pod
STIIIZY’s Live Resin retains the authentic flavor profile of freshly processed, flash-frozen cannabis plants while delivering a broad spectrum cannabis extract. This craft cannabis offers a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes for the ultimate entourage impact. The STIIIZY Pod is only compatible with the Stiiizy battery. All throughout our 4 days of 420, the STIIIZY Gold Line will be 50% off.


Yummi Karma
Stealing the stage with their immaculate tinctures is Yummi Karma. These flavored droppers go beyond traditional tincture.
Yummi Karma is especially known for making products for women, by women. This brand focuses on creating products for people and lifestyles, paying careful attention to marginalized problems. Unwind with the THC-rich Birthday Cake tincture, or sleep easy with a Lavender Bedtime Elixir. These great-tasting tinctures are 15% all throughout the 420 festivities.

Tikun Olam
With over 15 years of experience under their belt, Tikun Olam is one of the few companies that not only sells cannabis products, but conducts ground-breaking research as well. Their tinctures range from 1:1’s, CBD dominant, and Indica profiles. Tikun Olam’s products are ideal for patients seeking pain relief, ease of anxiety and appetite stimulation. This science-backed company is 20% throughout our 4 days of 420.

Head on over to our 420 deals page to check out all the products on sale, vendors, demos, food trucks, musicians and more!

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