Dosing Cannabis: How to Set Up For a Cannabis Party

When it comes to cannabis, the most fraught experiences can be those undertaken by new or inexperienced users who have not had many encounters with the plant before. Indeed, at parties and other gatherings, guests uninitiated into cannabis use can become the biggest source of distress as too much THC can create severe discomfort in those with low tolerance. For any get-together or kickback with cannabis involved, learning the proper method of dosing cannabis is essential to ensuring a positive and happy experience is had by all. Here’s what to know about dosing new users at a party.

Invest in Low-Dose Cannabis

In the age of recreational legalization, cannabis, by and large, has become more potent than ever before, as research has unlocked the secrets of potency and enabled the production of powerful, THC-rich strains. However, a liberal research environment has also enabled cannabis manufacturers to create low-dose cannabis, a type of product increasing in popularity as newer users opt for alternatives to the ultra-potent strains that grace dispensary shelves today.

dosing cannabis gummies and buds

Low-dose cannabis products are available in a variety of forms, with edibles being perhaps the most common type of product manufactured by cannabis companies. Many edible products come in small pieces with a light amount of THC contained in every serving, like Kiva’s Terra Bites, which contain 100mg THC per tin but only 5mg THC in each bite. These bite-sized products can be easily distributed to groups of cannabis users, dosed to the preference of each individual. These treats make dosing cannabis so much easier!

Likewise, flower and vape cartridges containing low quantities of THC are available as well. Cartridges from premium vape manufacturer Bae are known to be easier on users with low tolerance. In general, the most important aspect of shopping for inexperienced cannabis consumers is doing the proper research to ensure that any products purchased will be suitable.

Dosing Cannabis: Start Slowly

Even with low-dose THC products, too many doses can create a negative reaction within users with low tolerance. When introducing new users to THC, start with only one or two doses and gradually increase the amount of cannabis consumed until the desired results are reached within each individual consumer.

dosing cannabis woman smoking

Remember, it can take a while for the effects of cannabis to settle in, especially when dealing with edible products. While ingesting cannabis smoke typically produces effects within 10 to 20 minutes, or even instantly dependent on the strain or type of product used, edibles can take up to an hour or more to take effect depending on the metabolism of each individual.

Know Your Strains

Finally, when dosing cannabis for new users, the strain of cannabis used in either edible or flower products should be taken into consideration. Bearing in mind that individual strains differ wildly in terms of THC content, the type of strain employed is the most significant variable in the quality of a high.

Indica strains are considered to be the heaviest variety of cannabis, producing strong body highs and numbing effects that can last for extended periods of time. In comparison, sativas are known for their energetic highs more suited for the daytime, and hybrid strains encapsulate aspects of both indicas and sativas to produce unique and exotic sensations.

dosing cannabis in jars

For newer cannabis users, sativas are the most common “beginner” cannabis used, though the variety of strain does not matter as much as the quality of the cannabis. Different strains will affect individuals in different ways, so new consumers should explore a variety of options across multiple settings to discover the right cannabis for them.

As with any party, be sure to have plenty of non-infused snacks and beverages on hand, too. This can help partygoers maintain a comfortable high and provide them with something to munch on that isn’t another edible.

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