An Unforgettable 420 Event: The Green Room

For decades, 4/20 has been observed by America’s cannabis enthusiasts as a celebration of cannabis culture and the continuing struggle towards full legalization across the country. While there is still a lot to be done on the legalization front, over the years, 420 events have become gatherings where like-minded cannabis connoisseurs can meet and experience the wonders of cutting-edge cannabis in a safe, legal environment.

Sherman Oaks’ Premier 420 Event

This year, The Higher Path is proud to present The Green Room, an all-day 4/20 vendor showcase that aims to gather the best California cannabis companies on the market into one room. Mark your calendars and plan to visit us between 8 AM and 10 PM for a great time!

With over 100 different brands to experience, The Green Room offers cannabis users an opportunity to sample a growing list of high-quality products. Located right next door to our shop in a 1,000 foot event space, The Green Room will also feature giveaways and promotional deals discounts. Plus, expect some great grub from the Grilled Cheese Truck on site.

Here are just a few brands included in our rotation for the showcase. You can see a more extensive list on the The Green Room page.

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews have made a name for themselves as a great edible in both medical and recreational circles. For over ten years, the company has packed a punch in delicious treats. High Times even declared Cheeba Chews “America’s favorite edible.”

Cheeba Chews come in a variety of different forms, most of which will be available at this 4/20 event. Consumers can choose between THC and CBD versions of Cheeba’s signature edible recipe, as well as variants produced with sativa, indica, and hybrid flower. Each Cheeba Chew is designed for long-lasting pleasure, so go slow when dosing!

Honey Vape

With a mission to bring pure, strong concentrates to the wider cannabis market, Honey Vape has developed a signature brand that exemplifies the emerging importance of clean cannabis to the California market.

Honey is all about preserving the flavors and sensations that make smoking flower enjoyable and synthesizing it into a convenient vaping cartridge. They’re all about authenticity, and each vape cartridge is processed organically without additives, ensuring your product is always as clean as possible. ​

Sensi Products

Sensi Products is a medicinally-oriented cannabis brand that offers high-potency edible products in discrete, convenient packaging. Between their award-winning SensiChews and high-powered CBD caps, Sensi has staked out a brand that places quality before any other metric.

The unique aspect defining Sensi’s menu of products is their suitability for specific applications. Sensi offers specially-formulated edibles to help patients and consumers tackle insomnia, energy deficiency, pain and other conditions. Packs of Sensi edibles typically contain 100mg of THC, so it’s recommended that inexperienced users take their time when consuming Sensi’s potent cubes.

​We can’t wait to see you at The Green Room!

Can’t make it? Check out our online dispensary menu to place an order. And as always, for the latest info on events and more, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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