Cannabis for Children with ADD/ADHD: An Alternative to Ritalin & Adderall?

A new finding just released on Pubmed presented a study recently performed in London providing preliminary evidence for whether cannabis can be used to treat patients with ADHD, potentially opening the door for a new way to treat adults and kids.

This was a controlled study done on a small group of 30 adults formerly diagnosed with ADHD who were treated using a product called Sativex. Sativex is an oromucosal spray, the name referring to its anti-inflammatory agents. This product was developed through the extraction of THC and CBD from the cannabis plant. The group of 30 testees were to medicate and then perform the QBtech test. The QBtech test is an FDA approved test “for use as an aid in the assessment and treatment evaluation of ADHD for people aged 6 to 60 years old.” The results given by this study indicated significant improvement on patients “attention..activity and cognitive performance, and emotional lability.” The patients from this study expressed a profound preference of medicating using cannabis over traditional ADHD medication.

Given this information and actually being a patient myself who regularly medicates with cannabis, I can say, that from personal experience I have noticed a sense of improved cognitive focus when medicating using cannabis in small doses. As someone who practices graphic design outside of my regular job, getting “in the zone” sometimes can be challenging. One thing I practice over and over again is small controlled doses of a sativa or hybrid be it an edible, spray, patch or smokeable option. Every single time, without a doubt, I alway outperform my abilities when I medicate versus when I do not. Something about feeling stress-free, slowing down my mind’s want to focus on the dog barking or loud music coming from my neighbors’ apartment and not worrying so much about every little detail gives me a sense of liberation in the work that I do. I also believe that when I medicate I am able to think much more creatively, because I lose track of time and become so much more absorbed by the act of being creative versus focusing on the pressures of a deadline.

There are currently doctors that recommend the use of cannabis for adults and children to help with the adverse effects of ADHD despite the lack of studies done. Children are legally allowed to medicate if their parent or guardian is established as the Caregiver. If you or someone you know suffers from ADHD whether an adult or child, my advice would be to visit The Higher Path. Our staff is well versed in the innumerable amounts of ailments that cannabis has the ability to treat. We can really narrow down the quantity of products to a hand full of items that could potentially be a solution. For those of you out there who have for so many years taken products like ritalin and adderall which both have severe side effects such as trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, dry mouth, anxiety, increased heart rate, irritability, headache, dizziness not to mention addiction, heart rhythm problems, psychosis (which may cause you to see things that aren’t real or to feel like bugs are crawling on your skin), Raynaud’s syndrome and slowed growth in children, there might finally be a new answer!

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