Cannabis Christmas Cookies: Baking Infused Holiday Treats

With winter arriving soon, it’s time to start preparing for cannabis-themed holiday parties. Edibles can add joy to any Christmas gathering, creating a happy and open atmosphere that invites good vibes and seasonal cheer. Between cannabis cookies, eggnog, and delicious peppermint brownies, our hand-selected list of the best holiday edibles is guaranteed to instill any activity with fun and excitement.

Yummy Cannabis Cookies to Bake Up This Holiday

Christmas Snowball Cannabis Cookies

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Snowball cookies are known across many cultures around the world. In some countries, they are presented at weddings or other special occasions. For your next edible-infused Christmas party, however, snowball cannabis cookies can be worth considering, as their light texture and airy powdered sugar coating are designed to impress any who encounter them.

Infusing snowball cookies with cannabis is relatively easy. While the original recipe calls for the use of butter in creating each cookie, cannabutter can be substituted to imbue your batch with potency. It is important to be careful and go slow when indulging in snowball cannabis cookies, as edible cannabis can be intensely potent, especially for new or inexperienced consumers.

Peppermint Brownies

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Everyone loves brownies, but adding peppermint into the mix can put a refreshing twist on an already classic recipe. While infused or “magic” brownies may already be a staple of any worthwhile cannabis party, the festive style of these cannabis peppermint brownies make them a perfect solution for any holiday-oriented kickback.

The major difference between peppermint brownies and their plain chocolate counterparts is, of course, the presence of peppermint. This makes peppermint brownies an ideal recipe for infusing, as strong flavors like peppermint extract are capable of masking or diminishing the overwhelming cannabis flavor that often accompanies edibles.

Peanut Butter Cannabis Cookies

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Cannabis cookies are perhaps the simplest edible solution for cannabis kickbacks or parties, but adding peanut butter can make for a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re relaxing by the fire or enjoying classics of Christmas music, these scrumptious treats are adept at making the holiday season warm and inviting.

Bonus: Cannabis Eggnog

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Ok, this isn’t a cookie, but it does pair well with them! Eggnog is renowned as an icon of the holiday season. Not everyone is appreciative of the rich and creamy flavor that distinguishes eggnog from all other drinks, but for those who enjoy it, crafting cannabis eggnog can be a worthy endeavor.

Many edible recipes, especially for edible beverages, call for cannabis butter or oil to be added as a substitute for their non-infused equivalents. This cannabis eggnog recipe, however, calls for kief to be directly added to the mixture. Kief is a powerful cannabis concentrate composed of the THC-rich substance that coats the exterior of cannabis flower. While cannabutter can also be employed in this recipe to similar effect, your eggnog will be much more potent with the inclusion of kief.

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