Cannabis Drinks are the Perfect Summer Party Accoutrement

People are coming over for a socially distanced barbeque and you want to provide refreshments. Or, it’s just a hot summer day and you want to unwind. But you don’t necessarily want to have alcohol, or only alcohol, to quench that thirst and need for relaxation.

Enter, cannabis drinks. With nano emulsification technology to make them metabolize faster than ever and flavors, seltzers, and hops to emulate your favorite alcoholic beverages, it’s time to take the plunge.

For those with a low tolerance or an unknown tolerance, you’ll want to start low and go slow. Since drinks work faster than edibles, you won’t need to wait an hour or more to feel the effects and gauge your high; you’ll know right after you finish that story about how your dog got off-leash but then came back (we’re all very happy about it, btw).

You can drink CBD, a closer ratio like a 4:1 or a 1:1, THCV, Delta 8, and any combination hereafter. The opportunities are endless.

We decided to carry our own smorgasbord of flavors, doses, and cannabinoid profiles to satisfy new users, people who know what they like, and people who need to get high. We’ve got you covered.

Some Newer Cannabis Drinks We Love

Gem + Jane

Gem + Jane is a “sparkling beverage infused with rare and wonderful cannabis blends.” We like the blends with THCV because it is a perfect concoction for daytime activities that require energy (it doesn’t get you high).  The Delta-8 (think of it as CBD-heavy, or THC-lite) is great for social activities or winding down after a long day.


Cann’s been in the game for a while, with a beautiful blend of THC and CBD for a relaxing effect without too much euphoria. They’ve got new drinks in the works, new flavors, new recipes, and always have the cutest packaging.


A cannabis-infused cider? Ok! With 3mg of THC in a granny smith-flavored can of goodness, you really can’t go wrong. Mix it up with alcohol for a little cross-fade effect, or drink it straight. It’s tasty and wonderful, from the chef who brought us Altered Plates!

Cannabis Drinks That Taste or Look Like Alcohol

Lagunitas hi-fi hops

If you like the taste and sensation of the hops you get from beer, Lagunitas is your jam. Relax and unwind with Lagunitas’ High CBD drink, feel some intensified effects with their 1:1 (utilizing that entourage effect!), or sink into bliss with their High THC drink. Zero calories, zero carbs, 100% delicious.


You read that name right! Pabst, the beer company, has come out with a “High Seltzer” (5mg or 10mg THC) beverage reminiscent of our beloved White Claws. It’s faster-acting than White Claw, though, and than any edible. This newfound cannabis technology is great, isn’t it?

Agua de Flor

With 6 flavors, all coming in 100mg increments (10mg per serving), Agua de Flor’s “cannabis-infused aguas frescas take traditional latin flavors in unexpected ways for a uniquely delightful, flavor-forward experience.” We are going to go ahead and call this brand what it is: bougie. And we love it.

House of Saka

Known as the world’s first and only “cannabis-infused beverages made alcohol-removed Rosé and Chardonnay wines from Napa Valley”, with Saka White and Saka Red, and newly released single-serve Saka Spark ‘Mimosa’, House of Saka understands the relationship between wine drinkers and cannabis users.

Cannabis Drinks For High Tolerance


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Major is hyper-focused on their flavorful drink’s effects. Trying to get really high? Then Major is your best friend. 100mgs per bottle, no need to refrigerate, tasty and nano emulsified for quick metablizing. Take a sip if you’re someone with a low tolerance, chug the bottle if you want to soar through the clouds. This if by far the strongest, most potent drink on the market right now.


Manzanita has a whole line of drinks, from their Kwik Ease and Zzzs (100mg THC each) to their Kwik CBD, and the Active Performance/Recory line (1:1 CBD:THC), plus their famous Fizz (10mg per bottle). Something for everyone, and for every mood or need!


Enjoy a low dose of Delta-9 THC for a blissful mindset and Delta-8 THC for a mellow, in-your-body sensation. The balancing effects of CBD create an uplifting experience. Less than ½ the calories of beer or wine, plus it’s all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free. If you fancy a night lil summer spritzer, Wunder recommends you mix their drinks with sparkling water, pour over ice, and garnish with mint, basil, or shaving of ginger. Mocktails made of cannabis. Canntails? Anyway, you should try them!

Cannabis Quencher

The OGs of cannabis drinks, these quenchers are consistent and delicious. Only 2 grams of sugar and 1.5 calories per serving, with a clear, see-through milligram indicator for dosing. 1 capful = 2mg THC per 16 oz bottle! The drinks are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, low calorie, no sugar added, and no artificial sweeteners. Yum-my.

As with any cannabis product, if you don’t know your tolerance for something new you should always start low and go slow. Ask our budtenders what they like, but keep in mind some of them have extremely high tolerances (for cannabis). We want you to have a good experience, so take their advice seriously!

Love, your ganja godmother.

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