Too High at a Party? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do

Too high? We’ve all been there. You’re talking to your friends at a get-together, laughing the night away, maybe there’s some alcohol. The music is playing in the background, while your circle gets more intimate…

You’re enjoying the night and your buddy passes you a big, fat joint and says, “Wanna hit this?”

Casually, you accept because you love weed and it’s fun to share with your friends. You’re a comfortable smoker and have been smoking for years. Little did you know, that joint had not only 3 grams of marijuana, but was also infused with concentrated cannabis oils increasing the THC levels of the joint, which was uncomfortably not your regular dose.

Hindsight is 20/20

Had you known, you probably wouldn’t have hit the joint in the first place, but by the time that big fatty pressed between your lips, it was too late. An enormous cloud of smoke seeped out of your mouth and your friends said, “Daaaaaaaaaamn.” Within a few minutes, you start to feel a little overwhelmed. Between the DJ busting the beats, and your friends speaking gibberish, it’s almost as if your heartbeat was getting louder and louder.

Your breathing starts to shorten and your awareness of all sense of self diminishes. You begin to panic. But don’t worry, you remind yourself of these 3 things that can soothe your over-compensated high for the time being, and will help you get back to enjoying the party as you were.

This article will go over the basic three things to do when you’re feeling too high from the effects of THC. These steps are not necessarily only meant for being at a party and can be used wherever you are.

1. Munchies. There’s a reason why your appetite increases when you intake marijuana.

Your body has endocannabinoids, which connect to the cannabinoids found in Cannabis. When consuming marijuana, whether smoking or eating, the very popular and high-producing cannabinoid – THC, sends signals to your brain which release hormones that help with appetite, leaving you to crave some salty or sugary goodness.

With that being said, you may notice that after gobbling down the whole bag of Hot Cheetos and a slew of Oreos, your high has gone down immensely. This is because sugar depletes your high.

After you took that big hit, your blood sugar dropped, leaving you needing some energy. Your body recognizes this as hunger, so once you get ahold of some dank munchies, your body believes that it is no longer hungry, increasing your blood sugar levels while decreasing the levels of THC.

Once you notice you’re feeling uncomfortable from your high and need to come back down to Earth, run to the kitchen and grab a snack. Hopefully, the party you’re attending has a Taco Truck outside or a full pantry of food to say the least.

Within 10-15 minutes, you’ll feel your high decrease and you can go on about your night, however, just with a full tummy.

2. CBD (The non-psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis)

CBD (cannabidiol) has many beneficial properties, however, in this article, I just want to highlight how it can help decrease your over-stimulated THC levels. Now it is important to remember that CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not have high-inducing properties.

Whether you’re a regular pot-smoker or a beginner, it may be beneficial for you to have some sort of CBD product with you at all times. Not only to decrease your highs but for many reasons which you can read about in my article 7 Reasons Why CBD Will Better Your Life Today.

Let’s say you’ve gone to a dispensary and noticed some products have a ratio of CBD:THC. Because the two are prominent in the plant’s DNA, they complement each other when they’re combined, producing stronger and more effective results. However, depending on which has more content, your body’s “high response” will react to that cannabinoid.

For example, a product with a high dose of CBD and a low dose of THC, will most likely not get you high and will give your body the higher amount of CBD benefits. The THC is really there just to activate the CBD.

It is also true when the opposite is applied. If you consume too much THC, you can take something with high CBD content and it will lower the THC levels, depleting your high.

To put it briefly, CBD is almost like taking a natural neutralizer to balance your body’s hormones and insulin levels. Because it does not produce a high, it counteracts the effects of THC.

Personally, I find CBD gummies, as well as almost instant sublingual drops or breath sprays, to be most effective when I’m too high. Here are two of my favorite CBD products I use regularly:

Care By Design 18:1 CBD:THC Gummies – each gummy is about 5.5 mg of CBD and only 2 mg of CBD. I love these because they have a calming effect without the high.

Life Bloom Organics Nano CBD 120 mg Oral Spray – I typically spray 1-2 times under my tongue, which is somewhere around 7-10 mg of CBD.

 3. Distraction. Meditation. Distraction.

If the first two aren’t available to you, or maybe at this moment you’re over-stimulated from your high while reading this and there are no munchies and no CBD close by to get you through the high…ride the wave.

Don’t panic. First, acknowledge that it is totally normal that you’re having this experience. Almost every smoker can relate to having at least one experience like this in their lifetime and everyone has their own methods to walk themselves out of it. The best thing you can do is remind yourself this is only temporary and have fun with the situation at hand instead.

THC can produce some strong neurological brain waves, causing you to overthink and over worry about yourself and the environment you’re in. Some strains and doses depending on your body can cause anxiety and paranoia and make you feel too high. Knowing your appropriate dosage and reactions to certain strains can help monitor what you’re consuming, so you can politely pass on hitting a joint that contains mostly Sativa (for example) because you know how it will affect you.

Most of the people I help at my day job at the dispensary know what to look out for when they’re shopping for specific products. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or co-smokers what strain or what type of cannabis is inside the joint you’re about to hit. Everyone reacts differently to a variety of cannabis strains and doses.

However, when you’re in a state of anxiety and worry due to being overly high, take some mental time to refresh yourself and trick your brain into relaxation through meditation and breathing exercises.

 Take. Some. Deep. Breaths.

You can use the 7-7-7 rule. Start by closing your eyes and doing your best to relax your body. Then inhale a long breath for 7 seconds, hold for 7 more, and then exhale for 7 more. Refocusing your energy on the present moment will allow your mind to ease and your high to mellow.

Now being at a party, you’re thinking, how awkward would it be if I just casually started deep breathing around a crowd of people I hardly know? Find a room, possibly a bathroom available, that is quiet enough to ease your nerves. If there isn’t a room available, go outside and find a secluded spot, or maybe sit in a car for a few minutes.

If possible, distract yourself with a comedic video or listen to soothing music to get you through the next thirty minutes.

Do whatever you can to bring yourself back to Earth, and just remember it’s only a temporary high.

Namastay High my friends.

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