Cannabis for Children with Cancer

Throughout the past two decades the above title has caused quite the controversy, raised many different questions and has created a ripple effect throughout the medical and cannabis industries. Since its opening in 2013, The Higher Path has been hit by a beautiful wave of pride that is washing away the stigma and shame of using cannabis to help kids. Many of our patients come in proudly now, looking to help their children with the many different products we carry. The questions are always where to start, what to use and how to dose.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that cannabis can only be smoked. From sublingual sprays/tinctures, edibles, drinks and topicals, to capsules and concentrated oils, there are so many different ways to medicate. For children, oils, edibles and tinctures are are proving to be the most popular form of medicating . They are also proving to be most effective with symptoms, dosing and overall ailments. When starting, it’s most important to understand  what kind of cancer it is. Once understanding the specifics of the cancer we can address which method of medicating would be best. Out of all the products we carry, two stand out due to their overall quality, customer service and overall capability of bridging the cannabis and western medicine gap. These two companies are CannaKids and Absorb CBD.

Both brands have tinctures that are exceptional for helping with different cancers. Absorb is a spray that comes in different ratios. (Depending on the type of cancer, different THC:CBD ratios are needed.) Each spray is dosed out at a specific mg. This is extremely helpful when needing to follow a regimen and keep track of how much is being taken at a time. It is comprised of different essential oils, herbs and coconut oil. CannaKids is an amazing tincture perfect for a patient needing larger doses. It comes in CBD, THC and THCA. Syringes are provided allowing for the correct measurement for dosing. They even have bubblegum and grape flavors to make kids more comfortable with their medicine. This company is also available for consultations and has nurse practitioners on staff to walk patients through every step of the way. As said above, it’s extremely important to understand which ratio and dose is best for every kind of cancer. Estimating the amount to give your child or guessing for what ratio you think is right is not advised.

In short, children are now being given a chance at a medicine they were never able to try before. Companies are coming out of the cannabis closet with knowledge and facts to support children who are sick without fearing backlash. It is an amazing time of support and hope within the cannabis community with companies such as CannaKids trailblazing the cannabis fight for safe access no matter your age! If someone you know has a child with cancer and is interested in using cannabis, come see us so we can help start you on the right path.

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