Dosing Undetected: Cannabis Products You Can Use Discreetly

With everyone stuck indoors lately, the need for discrete cannabis has only become more salient. Whether you’re trapped inside with nosy relatives or simply in search of products that don’t carry the same powerful aroma as edibles or smoking, The Higher Path has you covered. Here are a few selections for cannabis products you can use discreetly to make dosing easy in any situation.

Cannabis Products You Can Use Discreetly

Absolute Xtracts THC Capsules

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For the experienced cannabis user, Absolute Xtracts has the perfect solution for those in search of a powerful dose on the go. Their THC gel capsules contain concentrated cannabinoids that act quickly when taken to produce an out-of-this-world experience, allowing them to stand out among cannabis products you can use discreetly.

Each bottle contains 1000mg THC, meaning an individual capsule packs 100mg THC on its own. That means these products are only recommended for those consumers with exceptionally high tolerance, as taking just one can result in an uncomfortable high that could take time to fade away.

Kiva Terra Bytes

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Kiva is one of the more well-known edible cannabis brands currently available at dispensaries, and it’s easy to understand why. Kiva products are crafted with quality primarily in mind, making each bite a delight no matter the flavor. They also stand out as excellent cannabis products you can use discreetly, as they don’t carry a strong edible aroma when opened.

While Absolute Xtracts capsules may harbor pronounced potency, Kiva products take a decidedly more laidback approach, with each tin of chocolate-covered bites possessing 5mg THC. The high-quality cannabis employed by Kiva means their confections can often be unexpectedly strong, however, so using caution when dosing.

Dreamt Sleep Shot

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Another option for cannabis consumers in search of discrete, potent products are infused beverages, which are often scentless and adept at evading detection. The Dreamt 2 Dose Shot in particular is ideal for situations in which consumers want to privately dose their THC before bed in order to achieve a smooth, restful sleep.

As the name implies, every bottle contains two doses of Dreamt Sleep Shot, with around 5mg THC content per helping. The relatively low THC content results in a milder product that instigates gentle relaxation in those who consume it.

Breez Citrus CBD Spray

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Like the Dreamt Sleep Shot, Breez’s Citrus CBD Spray is also a liquid-based cannabis product. However, the application in this instance comes in the form of a spray that is applied to the tongue in order to achieve full-bodied relief from pain and anxiety.

The Breez Citrus CBD Spray can be employed almost anywhere, instantly delivering an effective serving of CBD, an increasingly popular cannabinoid with markedly different qualities than its well-known cousin, THC. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and known to instill a sense of calm and tranquility that melts away harmful stress.

You can grab these items and more cannabis products you can use discreetly at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Check out our online dispensary menu now to place your order.

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