CBD: An Alternative Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

It doesn’t just fight cancer…

CBD is gaining momentum in the fight against cancer and tumors, but another disease it is helping to fight is Alzheimer’s.

To put it simply, Alzheimer’s is a calcium build up, (or amyloid plaque build up,) in the brain that blocks the neurotransmitter’s ability to communicate to the rest of the body. The more the brain tries to get rid of the plaque, the worse the build up gets. When an Alzheimer’s patient ingests CBD, it works as an agitator to break up the plaque/calcification.

Once the brain stops creating more plaque and the build up is broken down, the CBD helps restore communication between the neural synapses, and also the rest of the body. 30mg of CBD a day for six weeks is the recommended starting dose for a patient with Alzheimer’s. The idea is to saturate the body with CBD to the point that it starts making more CB1 and CB2 receptors for the newly ingested CBD to bind on to. After six weeks, the patient reduces their dose down to 20 mg a day. Do you or someone you know have Alzheimers? Come in and talk to one of our cannabis consultants for more information!

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