Celebrating Cannabis Concentrates on 710 Day

The palpable scent of resin fills the air, the rustle of parchment paper, the ever-so-slight hiss of a torch igniting; these are the sounds, the scents, the rites of a modern holiday. Enter 710 Day, the counter-culture celebration extolling the virtues and delights of cannabis concentrates.

As summer blooms, July 10 (7/10) emerges as a beacon, a day of joy within the cannabis community. Yes, we’re familiar with the high-spirited merriment of 420, but 710 brings a whole new level of appreciation. On this day, cannabis enthusiasts dive into the world of oils, waxes, and shatters, marking an ode to the potency and purity of cannabis concentrates.

The Short History Behind Dab Day

Within the tapestry of cannabis lore, the term ‘710’ shines brightly as an emblem of the potent enjoyment derived from cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax, and shatter. Revered for their hard-hitting highs, these concentrates transform the traditional smoking landscape. With the rise of these highly potent forms, the world of cannabis is experiencing a metamorphosis; dab rigs and vape pens are swiftly becoming the new essentials for the cannabis connoisseur!

The origins of ‘710 Day’, you might ask? That tale takes us back to the dawn of the 2010s in the company of hip-hop artist TaskRok. At a 2010 TinyChat room gathering where a virtual dab session was unfolding, TaskRok, along with several key players in the cannabis circuit, were in high spirits. In a moment of playful creativity, they toyed with the word “oil,” when flipped upside down, a revelation — “710” emerged!

News of this playful discovery spread like wildfire. The inaugural public discourse about 710 surfaced on TokeCity on July 10th, 2011. Shortly after, Urban Dictionary stepped into the scene, providing a more comprehensive explanation. In 2012, Marijuana.com featured a post discussing the term, and by 2013, the phrase ‘710’ had journeyed all the way into an LA Weekly article. Thus, the tale of how 710 embedded itself into the fabric of cannabis culture was woven.

How to Celebrate 710 Day in Style

Immersing oneself in the festivities of 710 Day involves a journey of discovery, a quest to appreciate cannabis in its most concentrated form. Traditional revelries frequently orbit around the act of dabbing — utilizing a dab rig to carefully warm and inhale the potent concentrate. Vape pens, purposefully crafted for the use of cannabis oils, also step up as faithful companions in this celebration.

Yet, the panorama of modern celebrations has expanded. Today’s festivities embrace the allure of infused pre-rolls, delectable edibles concocted from cannabis oil, and the crowd-favorite moon rocks! And who could overlook the parties that unite the cannabis community? From the all-out spectacle of National Dab Day to the laid-back ambiance of Oregon’s Camp Sesh and festive local dispensary gatherings, 710 Day is embraced and celebrated enthusiastically.

So, here’s an essential checklist for your global dab day celebration:

  1. Dab rig: Consider this the pièce de résistance of your 710 Day extravaganza. Designed to optimize the taste and vapor output of cannabis concentrates, a dab rig is non-negotiable.
  2. Nail or E-nail: Every dab rig requires an accessory to warm your concentrates. Conventional nails are fabricated from titanium, quartz, or ceramic and need a blow torch. E-nails allow you to adjust the temperature for an optimum blend of flavor and impact.
  3. Torch: To heat your nails, a dependable torch is necessary.
  4. Dabber: This metal tool is instrumental in safely transferring the concentrate onto the nail or e-nail.
  5. Carb Cap: Employed to control airflow, a carb cap also aids in preserving concentrate by trapping the heat.
  6. Recycler: Recyclers facilitate the continuous water movement in your rig, delivering cooler vapor hits. It’s essential for a smooth experience and a worthy investment if you’re looking to elevate your dabbing exploits.
  7. Vape Pens: For those who prefer a more subtle, mobile experience, a vape pen lets you relish your cannabis oils with discretion.
  8. Accessories: Don’t forget the essentials — pearls, dab mats, and other accessories.
  9. Extracts/Concentrates: Choose your strain wisely — oil, wax, shatter, budder, badder, or hash. Depending on your palate, any of these cannabis products can be utilized in a dab rig.

Beyond this, personalizing your 710 Day festivities is an open invitation to let your creativity shine!

Stay Safe, Smoke Responsibly

710 Day celebrations go beyond just partying — they involve consuming cannabis oil products responsibly. If you’re a beginner in the dabbing domain, it’s wise to proceed with caution, familiarizing yourself with the safe operation of your dab rig. Maintain an attentive eye on your consumption levels, and bear in mind: given the heightened potency of concentrates, a minute quantity can have a significant effect.

In the interest of promoting safe and responsible dabbing, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Embark with Modest Quantities: A touch of dab is often sufficient.
  2. Invest in Dependable Equipment: High-quality products guarantee a superior dabbing experience.
  3. Recognize the Effects: Concentrates pack a punch, so be conscious of your tolerance levels and adopt a measured pace.
  4. Choose Your Strains with Care: An excessive amount of THC can produce potent psychoactive effects, so choosing a strain compatible with your tolerance level is essential.
  5. Be Mindful of Your Environment: Ensure you’re in a secure location to sesh, and remember that a well-ventilated area is crucial, as dabbing in enclosed spaces can pose hazards.
  6. Have Snacks and Water on Hand: Besides filling any potential ‘munchies,’ readily available snacks and water will help hydrate and refuel your body, which is always a smart move.

Finally, even as we all eagerly anticipate joining the worldwide dab day festivities, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal status of cannabis in your locality. While cannabis legalization is gaining ground, you must remain within legal parameters as you revel in the holiday.

Get Your 710 Essentials at The Higher Path

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