Empowering Women’s Health: Cannabis, Menopause, and a Journey of Discovery

For the past decade, my life has been dedicated to the world of cannabis. I immediately fell head over heels for the plant, starting my journey at The Higher Path over a decade ago, where learning, educating, and training became my specialty and passion. With a predominantly female staff, customers began to realize what a safe space they had to ask about anything. Women’s health, specifically PMS and the menstrual cycle, started to become a significant percentage of customer inquiries. However, when I began researching products to help with the typical symptoms – headaches, cramps, mood swings – I had the humbling realization that changed my entire world: I had no clue how my own body worked!

Discovering the Female Body

The next few weeks and months were dedicated to understanding not just how cannabis could help with the menstrual cycle but also how and why the menstrual cycle even happened in the first place. What magical discoveries I found! It was as though I had been living in a world devoid of color. But as I learned more, shared more about the glorious transformations female bodies undergo each month, and sought solutions to ease discomforts, my world became vibrant with hues I had never imagined.

A Journey into Menopause

Years rolled by, and then came another humbling revelation – when my mother began to navigate the trepidatious waters of menopause. I realized yet again that there was a whole new chapter in a woman’s life that I had yet to know anything about. I dove into research, product exploration, and brand meetings, seeking to understand why and how certain products could alleviate the wide array of difficulties and hardships that accompany menopause. This time around, I was so grateful to discover brands created specifically for that – brands created by women for women.

Empowering Women Through Education

Finding that budtender who not only understands a diverse range of products catering to women’s health but also possesses a deep understanding of a woman’s body and the challenges can be exceedingly rare. This is a way to solve that. To educate, to support, and to create a space where we can understand together.

A Seminar for Every Woman

And so, I present this seminar not just for my mother but for every woman in my life – my best friend, my aunt, my grade school teacher, my sister-in-law, my niece, my wife, my grandmother, and for you, reading this. It’s for every woman, everywhere, because we all deserve peace. We deserve relief from pain and discomfort and to be empowered with knowledge about our bodies and lives.

Join Us For a Women-Focused Event

Join us in this exciting journey towards a brighter future on Saturday, November 4th, at The Green Room On Ventura from 2-5 p.m. With Hello Again and many other sponsors, we start building a community where education, support, and access to products converge to elevate women’s health.

We’re committed to creating a world that celebrates the vibrancy of women’s health and honors the strength and resilience of women’s bodies. Together, we can empower women to take control of their well-being, navigate the stages of life with confidence, and embrace their unique journeys. Welcome to a world of knowledge, support, and empowerment – welcome to women’s health in color.

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