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It’s pretty clear that California’s stay-at-home order has done a great job of reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the state. Despite our large population, California has not seen the massive number of positive cases that states like New York and New Jersey have. While many stores have closed their doors to comply with Governor Newsom’s orders, The Higher Path is considered an essential business and remains open to serve patients and recreational users. At the same time, we’ve changed things up to make sure we’re keeping everyone as safe as possible. Here’s a look behind the scenes here at The Higher Path, your Sherman Oaks dispensary.

Changing Things Up to Protect Customers & Staff

Life has changed drastically for our staff. While we still enjoy working together and serving everyone that stops by, all staff members wear masks and keep their distance from each other and from customers.

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We now offer curbside pickup so customers don’t need to come inside if they’ve placed an online order. We’re also providing checkout services in the lobby where there’s more space and we can stand a safe distance apart.

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Roles and responsibilities mainly orbit around packing and fulfilling online orders and assisting customers virtually. We’ve added a live chat feature to our website, as well as texting through our online order POS system and taking phone calls.

We’re also doing a lot more cleaning! We wipe down our order fulfillment area and our lobby hourly. Because many people use our ATM and credit card keypads, we wipe those down even more frequently.

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Everything we’re doing right now is focused on protecting our staff and our customers. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t having fun!

To keep morale up and continue with our fun-loving atmosphere, we have various incentives available for staff. We’re also sharing their product picks on social media, so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts. In addition to protective equipment, we’re keeping our staff stocked with great snacks so they can keep their energy and health up.

Keeping the Information Flowing

The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that we don’t know what the next day will bring. Changes happen quickly and it’s important to be able to share information just as fast.

We’ve had to change to an online-order-only system to limit our staff’s exposure and keep everyone as safe as possible. When we did this, we made sure to update our information on all of our online channels. Any future changes will also be handled the same way because we want our customers to have access to that information quickly. If you’re on social media a lot, make sure to follow us there to learn about procedural changes.

We’re regularly texting our customers—if you aren’t on that list, get on it! You’ll get useful info regarding current operating procedures as well as great deals. We also email once a week to keep customers up to date with deals from their favorite brands and upcoming events (like online 420! More info at

Making Online Ordering Even Easier

If you’ve never tried our online menu, now is the perfect time to check it out. Not only will it reduce the amount of time you need to spend out of the house, but we’ve made it even easier to use so that you can find what you’re looking for. We’ve added featured products so you can see what’s new and what our staff is currently recommending. Plus, you can now search for products with keywords, which makes it even easier to find what you want.

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If you encounter any issues, we have budtenders standing by! Just use the live chat feature and they’ll answer your questions and give you product recommendations. It’s not quite the same as talking to our budtenders in person, but it’s safe and the second-best option for getting great info.

Worried about your loyalty points? Guess what—you can redeem them online. If you have any issues doing so or just questions about the platform or product, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the live chat. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible under the circumstances.

First-Time Ordering? Here’s a Gift on Us!

If you’ve never ordered from us before, what’s stopping you? Right now, first-time patients get a free t-shirt with their order. Strike a pose and post a pic wearing it to social and we’ll send you a promo code for$5 off your next online order. Just tag us so we know where to send it!

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