Higher Path Boxing: Don’t Just Get Ripped, Get HIGHLY Ripped

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to spend some time at Higher Path Boxing with owner Kenny Artis and watched him teach one of his classes. Kenny is a patient here at The Higher Path and it was a real treat to see how cannabis helps him stay in the kind of physical and mental shape he needs to be in to teach his classes throughout the week: “I strongly believe in boxing, it transfers into everything you do in life. It teaches you not to quit, it teaches you technique, it teaches you not to give up on yourself…it teaches you that all things are possible if you just put the time and the work in.”

Kenny Artis

You might be thinking, “Why would a boxer use cannabis? Isn’t that counter-intuitive?” Just like anything else in life, moderation is key. Here at The Higher Path, we’re firm believers in using cannabis to elevate and activate your life—you don’t have to just sit in front of your television munching on junk food after you smoke. (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Netflix and smoke session as much as the next person…but it’s not how I want to spend every day, you know?)

Kenny Artis

“Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of THC and CBD for your body when you work out and after for when you recover…when I read up on the cannabinoids I was so blown away by the many benefits they have besides just joints and strength…like your brain health.” Kenny points out. For example, if you need energy and focus you can try medicating with a sativa strain before starting your workout. Especially when it comes to something like boxing where you really benefit from “getting in the zone” and focusing on your breathing, medicating before you start your workout can actually be helpful! If your muscles are aching post workout, a topical high in CBD will help prevent lactic acid buildup—meaning you’ll be a lot less sore when you go to workout the next day! And if you’re really sore after a workout, you should try what we like to call the Trifecta of Greatness: combining the use of a topical cannabis product, an edible and either smoking the flower, vaporizing a concentrate or taking a sublingual tincture. Using all three of these products at once will massively help to reduce your pain, because the THC will work as an analgesic more immediately and the CBD will reduce inflammation and lactic acid buildup over time.

Patients using cannabis to live a healthy

Kenny is just one of many patients using cannabis to live a healthy, active lifestyle—he runs his own business, is in great physical shape and is living his life to the fullest. He certainly isn’t what you’d call a “lazy stoner” by any stretch of the imagination; cannabis is helping him achieve his goals, not hindering him. If you’re interested in using medical cannabis to elevate your life but aren’t sure where to start, come speak with one of our cannabis consultants! They can talk to you about what you’re looking to do, how you’d like to feel and can make some suggestions of products for you to try.

Check out a video of our time with Kenny and Higher Path Boxing below!

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