The Many Ways to Consume Cannabis Besides Smoking

You Have Many Options When It Comes to Cannabis Consumption

By Budtender Tori

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but to someone who is new to the world of cannabis or if you’re someone who’s looking to switch things up, it can be overwhelming. One of the most common ways to consume is smoking, whether it be a joint, bowl, or vape pen. Many people enjoy the art and action of smoking and it doesn’t hurt that it kicks in so quickly, typically within 15-20 mins.

Let’s take a look at some of the other ways you can consume and what might be the best alternative for you! Another exciting way to consume cannabis is through drinks or tinctures. If you’re someone who is looking to quit smoking or wants something that’s a little more discreet in smell, these are great alternatives.


There is a range of different beverages you can try, ranging from 5mg all the way up to 100mg per can. This is great because it kicks in just as quickly as smoking, has a smoother transition, and they’re usually pretty easy to dose and seal to keep for multiple uses! Drinks are also an excellent alternative for those looking to quit drinking. You get the motion of drinking and a slight euphoria without the health risks of alcohol.

Brands like CANN make it easy for low-dose lovers and have great flavor options. Their Ginger Lemongrass and Lemon Lavender are 2mg THC: 4mg CBD. This makes for a great day or nighttime drink with friends without the buzzy head high. Brands like Uncle Arnie’s and Cannabis Quencher are great for those who need higher dosing. Their beverages are 100mg per bottle, but this allows you the flexibility to mix smaller doses into your everyday drinks, like iced tea!


Tinctures are oil-based and versatile. You can put a few drops under your tongue, allowing the product to kick in within 15-30 mins. If you’re not a fan of how the tincture tastes alone, put it in your food— this will take a little longer to kick in, 1-2 hrs, depending on the individual. Care by Design is a great brand to start with. Their 1:1 is an equal balance of THC and CBD, making it great for daytime. THC is great for mood elevation, and CBD keeps you from feeling on edge. They have several ratios 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:18, and 1:40!

Pet Tinctures

We also have your furry friends covered! VET CBD is known to help pets with any separation anxiety, joint pain, or even on holidays like the 4th of July that get them riled up. Tinctures and beverages kick in so quickly because they are being absorbed sublingually, meaning they enter straight into your bloodstream; the sublingual route avoids first-pass metabolism by the liver.


We’ve all heard of edible horror stories, but they’re a lot more fun than you think! The best way to go about edibles is to start at 5mg (the lowest dosing) and titrate yourself to higher, adding 5mg each time until you find your happy dosing. This is another excellent, discreet way of consuming that allows you to feel the effects longer. This is because it is digested through the liver before hitting your blood steam. Depending on the individual, this will take 1-2 hours to take effect but last anywhere from 3-6 hours— that has your whole day covered! If you’re someone who likes long-lasting effects but doesn’t enjoy how often you have to smoke or ingest drinks, this is a great alternative.

There is a vast variety of different edibles you can try. Some with CBD, which is great for anxiety and body relief. Some with THCV, which is excellent for daytime focus, and some with a combination of various cannabinoids to help you with any specific needs you have.Cannabinoid: The naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant. e.g., THC, CBD, CBG, THCV, and many others. If you’ve had a long night, be sure to pop a Hangover tab from Level.

With the combination of THCa, CBD, CBG, Delta-8, and THC, this helps you rest and recover and wake up refreshed! It’s easy to get stuck in one way of consuming when you’re unsure of where to start. Try safely venturing out of your comfort zone, you may find new ways of consuming that work best for you.

If you’re having trouble, come stop by The Higher Path, and we’ll get one of our budtenders to help you out! 

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