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The Old Pal “shareable cannabis” spirit is a nod to simpler times when communities thrived and joints were passed around from neighbor to neighbor. Old Pal is dedicated to producing cannabis that is affordable, accessible, and abundant, but what makes Old Pal’s cannabis so good you’ll want to share it?

Affordable Flower

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Source: Old Pal

Simply put, Old Pal produces high-quality cannabis at affordable prices. Their bags are loaded with fresh locally sourced sun-grown cannabis. Old Pal’s outdoor, naturally-grown, rain-watered cannabis is more reminiscent of the simple California buds grown during the ’60s and ’70s rather than today’s high-powered, high-potency designer strains.

Perhaps best of all, Old Pal buds are priced to share. As part of their commitment to making cannabis accessible for everyone, Old Pal strives to make sure that cannabis is affordable.

The company initially set out to disrupt the California supply chain by being the most affordable cannabis company in the state. At a time when most cannabis brands are trying to set themselves apart with catchy buzz words and flashy images, Old Pal relates with the everyday cannabis smoker just trying to enjoy their high.

Despite their lower price point, Old Pal’s naturally grown flower still competes for the top shelf. Strains can reach a THC content of over 20% and their terpene content can rival that of most strains you find in a dispensary. Moreover, every bag includes a Boveda humidity pack to ensure that the flower inside stays fresh and hydrated for ages to come. Is this the dankest pot you’ll ever smoke? Probably not. But it’s definitely a very good product at a very fair price point.

Communal Cannabis

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Source: Old Pal

Old Pal makes shareable cannabis by keeping things simple. The dabs and other fancy concentrates that have come to symbolize modern cannabis are a far cry from the simplicity and sense of community that used to characterize the stoner culture of the past. By producing cannabis that is simple, affordable, and made to share, Old Pal reaches back into the past to encourage modern smokers to enjoy a simpler, friendlier smoke.

These buds pay homage to a time when people didn’t buy their cannabis from dispensaries but instead got it from their friends or neighborhood supplier. True to their mission, Old Pal’s cannabis can now be found in communities all over the west coast. You can get their shareable cannabis from dispensaries and local delivery services all over California, Nevada, and Washington.

What Kinds of Cannabis Products Does Old Pal Make?

Old Pal’s claim to fame is their ⅛ ounce bags. Available in sativa, hybrid, and indica varieties, these bags are simple and to the point – just high-quality, all-natural cannabis at low prices.

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Source: Old Pal

If you can’t wait to get rolling, they also feature pre-ground 5 gram and 14 gram ‘ready to roll’ bags. Each bag comes with pre-ground cannabis, unbleached hemp rolling papers, and crutches to use for filters, all in an easy-to-carry, resealable, smell-proof bag.

Old Pal also produces a variety of discreet vape pens and 510 vape cartridges. All of these products are loaded with good, clean oil that is rigorously tested to be free from harmful additives and modifiers. Produced using hydrocarbon extraction, Old Pal’s 510 cartridges are available in 0.5g and 1g varieties. Meanwhile, their discreet pre-loaded vape pens contain 0.2 g of oil for a quick, convenient, and discreet vaping experience.

Ready to give Old Pal a try? Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock.

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