Medication + Taxation

One major argument brought up in regards to medical marijuana is that since it is a medicine it cannot be taxed; this is not true. Most cities and counties that allow marijuana collectives to operate under their zoning ordinances have instituted taxes to cover the cost of administering the program and to fund a variety of other municipal services.

Since cannabis is currently only recommended and not prescribed, sales taxes can be assessed to cannabis the same way it is applied to aspirin. Those who feel that medical marijuana should be tax free should recognize that by being taxed it legitimizes the industry and allows legislation to be presented to improve business practices.

This additional tax revenue will also help to move city officials in the direction of encouraging, rather than restricting its distribution. Tax dollars are essential in covering the costs of implementing and enforcing legalization. State and local governments also stand to save billions that are currently spent regulating cannabis use. To protect yourself and assure safe, reliable, local, and affordable access, stay informed on what is happening get involved, and continue to support your local collective.

Status of marijuana lawas in the united states

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