Sativas Are Supreme

Creating music is as diverse and colorful as picking a way to medicate with cannabis–the options are virtually endless! Here at The Higher Path, we want to take your music to the next level. We have the boost you’re looking for, depending on what type of vibe you want when you’re creating.

If you are hitting it hard in the studio, Jack Herer is a “get up and go” strain that will keep you creating long into the night. Looking for a strain that keeps you mellow while those creative juices are flowing? Try something a bit less racy, such as SF Dragon’s Breath or a Haze phenotype. These strains have all of the benefits of a sativa with less of the jitters that can come with a racy strain like Jack Herer.

Writing lyrics can create a roadblock for any artist, but with the help of extracts mental blocks are a thing of the past. Take a dab of our Dragon’s Breath shatter or puff on our Aya Inspire cartridge made with the strains Boost and Blue Dream and let your mind wander. Cartridges are a great way to medicate in the studio when you aren’t sure if everyone is 420 friendly. They are discreet, compact and pack quite the motivational punch!

If you are planning to get lost in your creative mind for a while, edibles can help keep you in an inspired mindset for hours on end. Try eating half of a sativa Green Hornet made by Cheeba Chews! They are 70mg in total, so eating half will put you at a 35mg dosage. Don’t be fooled, many people have tried edibles and shied away because of a groggy or tired feeling. Sativa edibles flip the script on the traditional edible feel, giving energy, focus and creativity to any activity! Paradise Ranchers at 15mg per piece are the perfect way to medicate with a lower dose and keep your mind clear while creating.

The Higher Path offers a myriad of methods to spark your creativity. Come in for a visit and ask any of our bud-tenders to help you pick the best strain, edible or concentrate for you. Always remember, sativas are supreme and will give you the energy and focus to let your art flourish.

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