Women’s History Month: Top Women in California Cannabis

March is Women’s History Month, a special time to honor and celebrate the women of the world. We’re celebrating this month, as we’ve done before, by focusing on just a few of the women in cannabis who are turning the industry on its head here in California. From brands launched by Latina and Asian Pacific American cannabis entrepreneurs to those that proudly identify as LQBTQIA-owned, women-owned brands are (finally) hardly a novelty anymore. We’d argue: they are the future.

Here is a survey of some standout cannabis brands. We’re incredibly excited to offer the products by all of these women in cannabis here at The Higher Path. Stop by today or order online to experience their work for yourself!

women in cannabis

Women’s History Month: A Curated List of the Top Women in Cannabis

Plant-Based Healing

Cosmic View
Talk about a cosmic setup: Nicole Skibola is a childhood cancer survivor. Her mother Christine is a former UC Berkeley professor and leading international cancer researcher. Together, they launched Cosmic View to bring plant-based healing and traditional herbalism to the cannabis world. Spotlighting the natural power of minimally refined cannabis, their products truly capture the holistic goodness of our favorite medicinal plant.

Spearheading Cannabis for Sleep

This team describes their products as the foundation of “California’s #1 cannabis sleep brand”—and we concur, even though we’re getting sleepy. This cutting-edge brand leverages herb-based wisdom (and the scientific insights gleaned from literally hundreds of sleep studies) to bring you highly targeted, dependable, and most of all sustainable relief from insomnia and related sleep disorders.

women in cannabis

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Garcia Hand Picked
Given the Grateful Dead’s continued legacy, it’s no surprise that a cannabis brand honoring the late bandleader Jerry Garcia would arise. This nod to greatness also has family ties, making this Lake Tahoe-based brand all-the-more special: Garcia’s widow, Carolyn, partnered with her daughters Trixie and Annabelle to launch this boutique offering. You don’t even need to be a Deadhead to enjoy strains such as Lava Cake and Green Lantern. But if you are, the suggested pairings with specific Dead performances will set your senses on the road to bliss.

Treat Yourself

Kush Queen
Made by and for women, Kush Queen harnesses the healing power of CBD and other secondary cannabinoids for a wide variety of purposes. If handcrafted and potent bath bombs, personal lubricants, tinctures, and gummies are your jam, this brand is truly the one to beat!

women in cannabis

Cannabis in the Kitchen

With a mission to elevate the kitchen pantry, this women-owned brand started with cannabinoid-infused honeys designed to aid sleep and promote restfulness. Since then, Potli’s special, limited time offerings such as CBD-infused extra-virgin olive oil and hand-rolled green tea pearls have sold out almost immediately. If you’re looking for a little more sweetness in your life, we couldn’t recommend this standout brand any more highly.

Thoughtfulness Among the Hills

Developed by a pair of outside-the-box cannabis entrepreneurs, this boutique brand produces stellar cannabis oils from flower grown outdoors on the warm hills of Mendocino County. With a product line ranging from custom, outcome-oriented blends to single-strain extracts designed to deliver the purest expression of the cannabis plant, we love this brand for its focus on fun, expansive thinking and just kicking back.

Do you have other questions about women in cannabis, or anything else in the cannabis realm? Just ask! We’re always happy to help, during Women’s History Month and beyond.

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