Make Sure You’re Storing Cannabis Right!

Keeping your flower fresh is key to a positive experience. Dry, brittle buds never make anyone happy. If you want to maintain a variety of flower at home so you’ll always have the perfect strain for the right occasion, here’s what you need to know about storing cannabis to maintain it’s powerful effects.

What to Keep in Mind When Storing Cannabis

Flower is an organic compound (not organic like farming organic, but organic like vegetables and animals). Just like food, it can go bad—especially when it’s not stored in the right way. To help keep your flower as fresh as possible, you need to keep it away from the things that can speed up degradation or encourage the growth of mold.

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When storing cannabis, keep in mind the temperature, humidity, and light.

The Right Container for Storing Cannabis

First off, your cannabis should be stored in an airtight container. Just like with wine, oxygen can speed the breakdown of all the good stuff in your bud. Skip the plastic bag! Mason jars, and even the glass jar flower comes in, can be good for storing flower. You can also vacuum seal your flower to better reduce the oxygen it comes in contact with.

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Baggies, regardless of how tightly you close them, are not ideal. They’ll quickly begin to zap the aroma of your bud as their plastic takes it on. Glass jars, you’ll notice, don’t take on a smell that quickly. It’s what makes Pyrex so great. Stainless steel containers are also great, just watch out for plastic or silicone lids. If you’re trying to discreetly store your bud, plastic components that begin to smell of flower won’t help.

Temperature: Keep it Cool

Next, consider the temperature you’re storing your cannabis in. Thinking about sticking your buds in the freezer to help keep them fresh longer? Don’t!

While you want a cool place, your freezer could dry out your precious flower. Aim for room temp. Too warm (77 and up) and you risk mildew and mold growth (yuck). Consider the things that warm up in your home (stove, microwave, computers, TVs) and avoid putting your flower next to them. You don’t want your bud getting warm unless you’re lighting or vaporizing it.

Humidity: Keep it Even

Speaking of mildew and mold, those guys love humidity. Your optimal bud storage should help keep your precious flower away from said humidity. Keep that in mind when choosing your ideal storage spot. Basements and bathrooms are pretty humid, so they aren’t good places to stockpile flavorful flower.

Light: The Darker the Better

While your cannabis relied on a good dose of sunshine to mature, as a cured bud, light can actually be harmful. Just like olive oil, light can cause your flower to degrade more quickly. While we don’t mind catching a few rays on a beautiful day, your bud will. Find a dark spot or a light-blocking container to help reduce the UV rays coming into contact with your flower.

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Now that you have the best tips for storing cannabis, why not stock up? Stop by your favorite LA dispensary to find exciting new strains or order your go-tos online right now! Want to stay up-do-date on the latest deals and happenings? Follow The Higher Path on Instagram and Facebook!

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