Hello, Sunshine! Summer Terpenes You Can Find in Cannabis

We spend a lot of time talking about terpenes here at the dispensary, and for good reason: They’re the fragrant “essential oils” that give different strains of cannabis their distinctive flavors and aromas. Some, like eucalyptol, give strains like GSC their cooling, menthol-tinged edge. Pinene—the most abundant terpene on the planet—helps make Blue Dream a euphoric, loose-limbed powerhouse. But today, we’re going to focus on a little summer fun: Bright, fruity, and yummy terpenes you’ll want to pair with sunshine, sandals, and all-around silliness!

Summer Terpenes: Limonene

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One of the most recognizable scents on earth, limonene is famous for its zingy citrus uplift. A proven mood-booster and natural anti-depressant, limonene finds its way into countless foods, beverages, and other household products.

When it comes to cannabis, you can bet that any strain with “Lemon” in its name is high in this sunny terpene. But search our live menu for “Sherbert” and you’ll get a fruity, berry-scented blast of what we’re talking about. Smooth and euphoric, the “Sherbert” family of strains (Sunset Sherbert, Banana Sherbert, etc.) are great for daylight activities and gentle daydreaming.

Summer Terpenes: Myrcene

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The most abundant terpene of all, myrcene is a hugely important player in the cannabis world. Besides being a precursor to several other terpenes, it can constitute fully half the terpene content in some strains, which is one reason it’s often described as having that “classic weed smell.” More precisely, it features overtones of cloves, earthy musk, and a distinctive red, ripe grape aroma. Perfect for hot sun and fun!

Myrcene is found to some degree in most strains of cannabis. But if you’re seeking it out specifically, try searching for Sour Diesel, White Widow, or any of the yummy “Blueberry” family of strains. Don’t forget OG Kush, which many fans call the “ultimate dank weed.” That musky smell is classic myrcene, and its heavy euphoria can make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine even in the dead of winter.

If there’s one thing myrcene reminds people of most—besides weed, that is!—it’s probably mango. Sweet, luscious, and a bit musky, fresh mango is another great natural source of this terpene. In fact, there’s a “cannabis legend” that says if you eat a mango about 45 minutes before smoking out, you’ll give your high an extra long-lasting supercharge. Truth or fiction? Only one way to find out for sure….

Summer Terpenes: Geraniol

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Sweet, citrusy, and floral…what’s not to love about geraniol? It’s often associated with geraniums, the flowers known for their bright, citrusy scent (and a unique ability to repel insects). But geraniol is found all over the natural world: In lemons and lemongrass, peaches, carrots, even coriander (aka cilantro) and carrots!

Geraniol isn’t a huge star in the world of cannabis, more of a supporting player. But it’s definitely worth seeking out its distinctive floral charm! Search our live menu for Black Cherry Soda (a strain tailor-made for summer!), Purple Punch, and that high-CBD powerhouse, Harlequin!

Ready to grab some terp-rich strains? Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock!

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