Buzzy Balms: The Best Cannabis Topicals to Try

In the era of recreational legalization, more cannabis-based products are gracing the shelves of dispensaries than ever. While most are familiar with flower products and dispensary staples like edibles, though, topicals have become an increasingly popular purchase for consumers who wish to experience the relaxing benefits of THC without a psychoactive high. To put you on the path towards peace and tranquility, we’ve paired some of our best cannabis topicals with strains that soothe both mind and body.

Papa & Barkley CBD-rich Balm

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Source: Papa & Barkley

The popularity of CBD is sweeping the nation, and with good reason. Shorthand for cannabidiol, CBD is the compound within the cannabis plant that promotes many of its pain-relieving qualities. Premium cannabis brand Papa & Barkley has crafted a line of cannabis topicals in the form of CBD balms that can be applied to sensitive areas in order to promote the easing of pain in a quick and efficient manner.

Strain Pairing: Black Jack is a renowned hybrid strain that works fast to produce a deep body high. While the strain’s smoke carries with it a slightly spicy flavor reminiscent of black pepper, it possesses a unique and refreshing aftertaste that blends hints of mint and fruit.

Kush Queen Bath Bombs

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Source: Kush Queen

Cannabis topicals come in a wide range of forms, and Kush Queen’s CBD bath bombs are a testament to this fact. For those who enjoy a peaceful soak, submerging these CBD-infused fragrant additives will serve to create one of the most all-encompassing restive experiences that cannabis-based products have to offer.

Strain Pairing: Orange Sunset is a sativa that owes its popularity to mesmerizing citrus aroma. Upon contact with Orange Sunset, most cannabis consumers will be impressed with its full, verdant buds splashed with streaks of orange.

Leef Organics Charcoal and Clay CBD Soap

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Source: Leef Organics

If you are someone who doesn’t take baths, Leef Organics has you covered. Their CBD soap, crafted from charcoal and clay for thoroughly effective cleaning, acts to give the entire body a sense of buzzy warmth that lasts for long after your shower ends. The anti-inflammatory impacts of each bar may also assist with calming irritated skin.

Strain Pairing: As a signature hybrid, Cherry Glue mixes and matches aspects of its storied lineage, resulting in a cannabis high that immediately marks itself as distinct from others. Taking a slight puff before showering with your Leef Organics soap can double the euphoria, as the soothing topical effects will only be enhanced by a Cherry Glue smoke session.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Patch

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Source: Weedmaps

Sometimes we want the simplest experience possible when deciding which cannabis topicals to purchase. Mary’s Medicinals provides exactly this convenience, with easy-to-apply patches that activate quickly to bring the relief of CBD directly to the body.

Strain Pairing: Lemon Diesel is an ideal strain for relaxing at home, doing justice to its celebrated Lemon-based genetic heritage. After a few minutes of smoking a bowl of this well-known bud, stress begins to fade away, a sensation compounded by the influence of pure CBD.

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