Trends in Vaping and Tips for a Successful Vape Experience

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly 20 years since the first practical vape pen shook the cannabis world to its roots. Since then, the marijuana vape scene has only improved, with newer models offering a range of options and accessories that once would have seemed impossible in a handheld device. 

If you’re curious about how to vape marijuana, today’s post is for you! We’ll cover what’s new in the vaping world, and include some vaping tips and suggestions so you can take your vaping experience even higher!

The Marijuana Vape: A Brief History

Vaping may sound mysterious, but at its heart, it’s nothing more than heating a product. In this case, heating cannabis flower, THC oil, or another cannabis concentrate—to the point at which it “vaporizes” into a potent mist (but not to the point at which it actually combusts).

Why do some people choose to vape instead of smoke? Vaping quality cannabis products is far easier on our lungs than smoking cannabis. Vaporized cannabis resembles mist, which many people find gentler than the particles released by smoking-burning plant matter. Smoking can inflame our airways, leading to an increased risk of bronchitis and other health risks. That said, we should point out that, thus far, studies have not demonstrated that smoking cannabis increases the risk of pneumonia or other lung infections, nor has cannabis smoking been linked to emphysema (unlike the clear links between those lung issues and smoking tobacco).

History of Vaping

The concept behind vaping has been around for a long time. In ancient Egypt, people heated various herb-infused oils over hot stones to create a crude, tabletop vape. And by the first few centuries AD, the water pipe known as a shisha had arisen in North Africa. As anyone who’s used a bong knows, the water filters the tobacco or cannabis smoke, creating an effect roughly analogous to low-tech vaping.

However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that vapes as we know them became truly practical. Most sources credit Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, with creating the modern vape. Designed with the goal of helping himself quit smoking tobacco, Lik’s invention sparked a massive industry, currently projected to reach $40 billion later this decade.

Vaping Tips: How to Get the Most from Your Session

Now we know a bit about where vaping came from. Now how can we make the most of a vape session using modern technology? If you’re interested in learning how to vape THC (or high-CBD products, for that matter), using a vape couldn’t be simpler: All that’s required is a full charge on the battery, a loaded cartridge (or a full chamber for a high-tech, refillable unit), and you’re ready to go. Here are some tips to make your experience especially pleasurable:

  • Imagine you are sipping hot tea. Small, gentle puffs on a vape tend to allow for fuller vaporization of the product, whether it’s THC oil or ground, dry flower.
  • Speaking of which, if you do opt for a flower vaporizer—in which case, we heartily congratulate you!—you’ll want to make a small investment and get a nice grinder. Why? Pulling apart flower by hand tends to get sticky and messy. Plus, all the sticky goodness that ends up on your fingertips contains valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. If that’s on your fingers, it isn’t ending up where it should: in the vape!
  • Be sure to keep your vape clean. If it’s a refillable model, make sure the chamber is as spotless as can be. That means disassembling the unit periodically and cleaning with a cotton swab lightly moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Do you have other questions about vaping tips, how to vape THC or anything else in the wide world of cannabis? Just ask! We’re always happy to help!

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