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Soothing Sleep: The Best Cannabis for Relaxing at Night

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than unwinding at home with a quality cannabis product. However, with so many products lining dispensary shelves, it can be difficult to discern the best daytime cannabis from nighttime cannabis for relaxing. These are a few selections from The Higher Path’s menu that can serve as ideal solutions for achieving a tranquil state, or for settling into a restful mood before bed.

Best Cannabis for Relaxing

Dreamt “For Sleep” Tincture

cannabis for relaxing 1
Source: Weedmaps

Not all cannabis has to be smoked, as the plethora of cannabis concentrates currently available make clear. While most consumers think of cannabis concentrates as the wax or budder typically used with dabbing rigs, concentrates may also come in the form of liquids that capture the essence of cannabis.

One such option for those seeking to explore tinctures is Dreamt’s “For Sleep” Tincture, a potent liquid concoction that utilizes the components within cannabis for relaxing highs that make it easy to experience a heavy and long-lasting sleep. The specialized tincture employs cannabidiol (also known as CBD for short), an increasingly ubiquitous cannabinoid known for its ability to relieve pain and anxiety.

Insomnia Sensi Chews

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Source: Sensi Chews

As a product specifically designed for inducing sleep, Sensi’s line of Insomnia “chews” are perhaps one of the best examples of nighttime edibles on the market. While Insomnia Sensi Chews come in THC and CBD varieties, both will begin to work their magic within an hour or so of taking them, allowing for a full night’s worth of invigorating rest.

Afgooey Indica

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Source: Leafly

If you’re in the mood for a simple yet decisively satisfying smoke, look no further than the powerful Afgooey indica strain. Afgooey has a lineage that hails all the way from Afghanistan, with genetics that draw from the renowned Maui Haze.

While Afgooey is known to have moderate to high potency, with batches often testing around 17% THC on average, the actual effects of Afgooey punch above its THC content. Not long after taking a few puffs, cannabis consumers will begin to feel the strain’s body high slowly wash over them, inducing a state of comfort and warmth that makes Afgooey stand out as ideal cannabis for relaxing.

Kanha Treats Tranquility Gummies

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Source: Weedmaps

From Kanha Treats comes a product that is virtually guaranteed to instill a sense of calm and ease before sleep. Each “tranquility gummy” contains roughly the same amount of THC and CBD, paving the path for a balanced cannabis experience that soothes the mind as well as the body.

While Kanha Treats gummies come in a variety of flavors, the blue raspberry variety employs robust terpenes in its recipe. These terpenes are specially geared towards promoting rest and relaxation and lend the product a unique and intriguing character.

Manzanita Naturals Kwik Zzz THC Shot

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Source: Manzanita Naturals

Like Dreamt’s sleep-promoting tincture, the Kwik Zzz shot from Manzanita Naturals serves as an efficient means of creating the conditions for deep sleep. However, unlike the aforementioned tincture, Manzanita Naturals has produced a cannabis beverage that emphasizes the impact of THC.

To use the Manzanita Naturals Kwik Shot, simply twist off the top and pour your desired dose into the cap. As each bottle contains approximately 100mg THC, doses of 10mg are typically recommended but can be adjusted for individuals with higher tolerance as they see fit.

You can grab these relaxing products and more at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Check out our online menu to place an order.