Blue Dream Is Still The Most Popular Strain On Our Shelves. Why?

If you’ve been consuming cannabis for more than a year, you’ve heard of Blue Dream. It’s one of the first strains recommended by budtenders to first-time or reactivated users, and there are many reasons why this is the case. The name alone is enticing as all heck.

Blue Dream is one of the best strains around for many reasons. Firstly, it has a cool name. Next, it has a cool lineage. Thirdly, it’s easy to grow and yields vast crops. Fourthly, its splicing with other strains makes that strain even better. Lastly, it makes you super creative without inducing paranoia.

Are you sold yet?

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Blue Dream’s parents are chill — they’ve been around a long time and are both popular in their own right. Blueberry and Haze are now and have always been considered A-List strains. And for a good reason! They’re consistent, potent, and ubiquitous throughout the cannabis world. Many, many growers grab their genetics to grow pure strains and mixes to reach their desired effects. Mad scientists love a robust control group, and these two give them that.

First Parent

Blueberry’s nickname is “Berry Blue,” and its lineage is Purple Thai with Thai. We all know that “purple” alludes to the color of the buds and the propensity to lean towards a heavy body-high a la kush. That feeling is precisely what you get from this half of the genetics. Back in 2000, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup for best indica. High praise, right? Most notably, Blueberry is grown and spliced with other strains to produce effects like pain and stress release. Most reviewers claim these results after consuming it.

Second Parent

The other half of Blue Dream is Haze, appropriately named for its cerebral effects. It can turn your worries into vapor in your head the FDA did not approve this statement — it is merely a metaphor). Haze is a straight Sativa; also known as “Original Haze,” “OG Haze,” “Haze OG,” and “Haze Brothers, it is a high-energy, high-creativity strain. It’s got a spicy, citrusy scent with a sweetness best described as earthy. Strains similar to Haze are “Rollex OG Kush,” “Sour Dubb,” “Juicy Fruit,” and “Zen.”

What’s in it that makes Blue Dream so dang dreamy?

After myrcene, Blue Dream also has a strong presence of pinene in its profile. Myrcene is typically the deciding terpene in swaying a plant’s classification as indica. And yet, Blue Dream is usually considered a Sativa-dominant hybrid due to its euphoric feelings and the very particular profile created for its effects. Similar strains to Blue Dream include Critical Kush, Sour Tangie, Pineapple OG, and Lemon Gelato — all of which are known to give you a cerebral high with a body buzz that doesn’t usually induce paranoia.

Many users claim Blue Dream helps with headaches, anxiety, depression, and even menstrual cramps!

Juicy J brought the strain into mainstream media with his Blue Dream & Lean mixtape he released in 2011. Google searches for Blue Dream skyrocketed, and people who would’ve never tried it ended up asking for it in dispensaries and from their friends (dealers).

Some of the best things to do after smoking Blue Dream

Los Angeles is chock full of every kind of artist you can imagine, and when they have a block for creation, they come to The Higher Path looking for inspiration. They always find it! Nearly every person that has suffered from writer’s block or needs to relax before a show or performance has used Blue Dream at some point to combat that brain fog and heighten their creativity. It’s magic, indeed.

Blue Dream’s high levels of pinene, a known bronchodilator (helps with breathing), make it a great strain to consume before physical activities, like hiking, running, yoga, and going to the gym. The cerebral high one feels from this strain can make you forget you’re exercising and feel a total sense of euphoria. You know, that feeling runners lie and say they feel after they hit their tenth mile? (We believe you, honestly). That feeling. That’s what you get with Blue Dream.

Growers love this easy strain.

Growers caught on to its ease of cultivation and popularity long ago, making this strain easily accessible for most people — barring a drought. It’s even easy to find concentrates made with Blue Dream strains due to its ubiquitous growth! They are usually high-quality and made with cannabis-derived terpenes. Botanical, or plant-derived, terpenes are fine to consume and usually deliver the same effects as cannabis-derived terpenes. Even more so these days, that scientists have the art of recreating an organic terpene profile for a strain down to a T. Moreover, most lab tests, and human testers, cannot tell the difference between plant and cannabis-derived terpenes. Still, the purists among us insist it’s the better way to consume.

Blue Dream is the Best Strain for Depression Right Now

Conclusively, due to obvious trying times, Blue Dream is still very much a recommended strain for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and general malaise or ennui. Feeling existential and like you don’t know what’s next for you (or really, for the world)? Try some Blue Dream. Get yourself set up for success with a drink and some salty munchies or sugary treats if you are prone to feeling “too high.” A little CBD can help combat feeling too high, so it’s wise to keep an edible, vape, or tincture of high-CBD cannabis at the ready for defeating that feeling.

Stop by the shop and chat with a budtender to get some recommendations on good Blue Dream products, or click here to see what we’ve got available on our menu right now! Live chat to talk more with a budtender or give us a call at 818.385.1224. Remember that we deliver daily for free!

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