Levels of Dabbers: A Curated Tour of the World of Dab

In case you’re unsure, we’re pretty big on cannabis concentrates here at Higher Path. Why? That’s simple: Not only do they pack unbelievable flavor and potency into a very compact package, their range of textures, consistencies, and formats can make exploring them something of an obsession.

But of all the ways there are of enjoying concentrates—like adding them to joints, bowls, and blunts, for a start—the absolute pinnacle has to be dabbing. If you’re unfamiliar with just what dabbing is, this article is for you. Allow us to present a guide to the levels of dabbers, from novice dabbing dabblers to full-on Dab Dudes. Strap yourself in and get set to dab!

Dabbling with Dabbing: Getting Your Feet Wet


We’ve written about dabbing before. At its heart, it’s nothing more than inhaling a bit of cannabis concentrate through vaporization. But because it offers such an array of potency and vibrant flavors, dabbing quickly took off to become a specialized pursuit of its own. That’s why there are purpose-made dab rigs (we sell several) to get the most out of your dabbing experience. But as we hinted earlier, when you’re curious about dabbing, a great way to begin is by adding a little concentrate to a hit from a standard vaporizer.

But first things first: What do you dab?

You can choose nearly any kind of cannabis concentrate to dab. Many dabbers gravitate towards thicker, more viscous concentrates—like wax or shatter—to dab, simply because their semi-solid texture makes them easy to handle (and get tiny chunks from). And trust us: Especially when you’re first getting started, you’ll want to stick to small amounts. Why? A well-made cannabis concentrate can exceed 90% THC content. By contrast, the most potent flower tops out in the high 20% range, and even that is unusual!

Mid-Range Dabbing: Approaching Peak Cannabis


If you’ve found you have a taste for dabbing, great! Maybe it’s time to step up to a purpose-made dab rig and diversify your concentrate choices. Let’s start with the gear.

The simplest dab rigs are nothing more than a “bowl”—here called a “nail” or a “banger,” depending on the style—a heating element like a butane torch or an e-nail, and a pipe to draw the vaporized concentrate through. Of course, you’ll definitely want to consult with an expert before you use a dab rig, even a simple one.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the theory and practice of dabbing, it’s time to branch out into different concentrate styles. In addition to the more solid varieties we named above, there’s a growing list of more esoteric styles like live resin. Softer than shatter and packing an unbelievably fresh and flavorful terpene content, live resins are pretty much the pinnacle in terms of cannabis concentrates.

Next-Level Dabbing: Meet Puffco

Source: Puffco

If you’re a confident and seasoned dabber, maybe it’s time you made a real investment in the art. The Puffco Peak is pretty much the pinnacle of current dabbing technology: A purpose-made dab rig that dispenses with potential blowtorch mishaps, delivering a uniquely enjoyable and efficient experience with little to no learning curve. Plus, it glows trippy colors!

You can explore concentrates by checking out our Sherman Oaks menu. Need help? Schedule a consultation!

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