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Join us on July 10th for 710 Day at The Higher Path! This popular cannabis holiday is the perfect time to explore our curated selection of cannabis oil products and cannabis concentrates. As the best dispensary in LA, we’re dedicated to elevating your cannabis consumption experience with quality products, education, and community engagement. Don’t miss out on our special 710 Day deals!

Why Shop with Us on 710 Day?

At The Higher Path, we pride ourselves on offering premium cannabis products that are lab-tested for quality and safety. Here’s why the LA cannabis community loves us:

  • Quality: Our products are curated for the best quality and potency, ensuring an exceptional cannabis experience.
  • Education: Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing guidance and information to help you make informed decisions.
  • Community: We support local initiatives and foster connections within the cannabis community, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Exclusive 710 Day Deals

To amp up your 710 Day, we’ve got cool deals on our cannabis oil products and concentrates. Check out the highlights:

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What is 710 Day?

710 Day, also known as National Oil Day or Dab Day, is celebrated on July 10th. When you flip the term 710 upside down, it spells oil, a nod to cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates. This day is dedicated to the cannabis community, especially cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy consuming cannabis oil products and cannabis extracts. It’s a day to celebrate the vibrant cannabis culture and the rising popularity of cannabis concentrates.

Tips for the Ultimate 710 Day Experience

To make the perfect day, here’s a few tips:

  • Stock Up and Stash Away: Get your hands on the best cannabis oils and extracts. Our special promos mean you can hoard all the Higher Path goodness you desire. It’s like a mini treasure hunt with guaranteed wins!
  • Polish Your Dab Rig: A clean rig is a happy rig. Give it a good scrub so it’s ready to deliver the purest, tastiest hits. Sparkling clean means maximum green!
  • Pick Your Potent Potions: Whether it’s live resin, hash oil, or another concentrate, make sure you have your favorites at the ready.
  • Stay in the Loop: Follow us on social media to catch the latest deals and hot product drops. You don’t want to miss out on any limited-time offers that could make your day even brighter.
  • Dabble in Something New: Never tried a certain type of concentrate before? Today’s your day to be adventurous. You might just stumble upon your next go-to product.
  • Dab with Your Crew: Dabbing is more fun with friends. Gather your favorite people, share some hits, and let the good vibes roll. There’s no party like a dab party!
  • Hydrate to Elevate: With all the fun and dabs, don’t forget to drink water. Keep those hydration levels up so you can keep the celebration going strong.
  • Pace Your Blaze: 710 Day is a marathon, not a sprint. Start with small doses and take it easy. Enjoy the ride and avoid the crash by keeping it cool and controlled.

Celebrate the excitement and importance of 710 Day with The Higher Path!


What does 710 mean?

710 spells “oil” when flipped upside down, symbolizing cannabis oils and concentrates.

What is the significance of 710 day?

710 Day is all about celebrating the culture and fun of cannabis oil products and extracts.

What is the origin of 710 day?

The term 710 started getting buzz around the early 2010s, adding to the famous 420 holiday.

Why celebrate 710?

It’s a cool day all about celebrating and enjoying cannabis concentrates, which are becoming super popular in the cannabis industry. This event lets fans dive into the world of concentrated cannabis products, discovering all the cool details of this evolving sector firsthand.

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