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Cann drinks have quickly become one of the best-selling cannabis beverages in the industry, and for good reason. Designed to enhance every aspect of your social life with a microdose of THC and CBD, Cann offers a refreshing alternative to traditional alcohol.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, Cann’s carefully crafted drinks provide a balanced, controlled buzz that is perfect for any occasion. If you haven’t hopped on the cannabis drink train yet, it’s time to start exploring with Cann.

First Things First: What is Cann?

These aren’t your traditional edibles. Cann drinks are refreshing and bubbly cannabis-infused beverages that contain a microdose of THC and CBD. These social tonics are designed to become your new favorite alcohol replacement that promises a euphoric buzz but without the hangover. Or, as they say, “We spike our seltzer with weed, and it’s actually delicious. F*ck hangovers and texts to your ex.”

Who is Cann?

There are two faces behind the Cann drink brand: Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson. They founded Cann in 2018 to support the canna- and sober-curious movements by providing a cannabis beverage alternative to booze.

Bullock told Imbibe Magazine in a January 2024 interview that “[a]lcohol didn’t make us our best selves. But what we found with cannabis is it actually made us more ourselves.” Their mission from the beginning was to normalize the consumption of cannabis-infused beverages and to make partying and socializing without alcohol much more fun.

And they must be doing something right. Cann is one of the top-selling drinks in the cannabis industry. As of 2023, they had sold over 10 million drinks across seven U.S. states and Canada.

The Lineup: All of the Tasty Cann Options

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Cann doesn’t overcomplicate things. They’ve landed on a line of flavors their fans love and stuck with it. Over time, they’ve added new products and different potencies, but their flavor profiles stay the course.

Cann Flavor Profiles

From the start, Cann has focused on a core offering of flavors crafted with just five natural ingredients: sparkling water, fresh juice, herbal flavors, organic agave, and cannabis extract:

  • Lemon Lavender: A zippy blend that combines bright lemon with the calming, floral notes of lavender for a soothing and delightful journey
  • Grapefruit Rosemary: A flavor that pairs the tartness of grapefruit with the aromatic, herbal essence of rosemary, delivering “an aromatic confidence and acidic wit wrapped in an ordinary exterior.”
  • Blood Orange Cardamom: A rich, citrusy blood-orange flavor elevated by warm, spicy cardamom notes, creating an undeniably sophisticated drink
  • Pineapple Jalapeño: Sweet and tropical pineapple perfectly balanced with a hint of jalapeño heat for a spicy twist
  • Ginger Lemongrass: Zesty and spicy ginger combined with the bright, citrusy notes of lemongrass for a crisp and revitalizing drink

Cann Products

Cann’s passion for cannabis beverages started with the original but has expanded into four products and counting:

  • Cann Original: These are the OG drinks Cann created to offer a balanced experience with a microdose of THC and CBD. Each highly sessionable 12 oz can contains 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD, providing a mild, controllable buzz that’s perfect for social settings.
  • Cann Hi Boys: This is the stronger version of the original drinks, designed for those with a higher tolerance to the effects of THC and for anyone who may want a more powerful experience. Each 12 oz Hi Boy contains 5 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD, delivering a more pronounced effect while still maintaining the enjoyable experience from the original.
  • Cann Roadies: If a case of Cann’s doesn’t fit in your basket, Cann has launched the same great flavors as Roadies. These portable, single-serving packets of the original Cann are ideal for on-the-go consumption. Add a Roadie to a glass of still or bubbly water, and you’re ready to go. Each packet contains the same balanced dosage of 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD.
  • Cann Low Boys: On the other side of the potency spectrum, Cann has recently launched Low Boys, the lighter versions of the original drinks, designed for those who prefer an even milder effect. Each 12 oz can contains a lower dose of 1 mg THC and 15 mg of CBD, providing a very gentle buzz suitable for those new to cannabis or sensitive to its effects.

Cann Potency

All Cann products sit in the low to moderate range in terms of potency, which is why they are such great replacements for traditional high-ABV drinks. All their products balance THC with CBD to keep it mellow.

Unlike other high-THC drinks where it’s “one and done,” many people enjoy sessioning Cann all night long because there is little to no risk of overdoing it. Plus, Cann has been expanding its potency range to help you dial in your experience even more:

  • Cann Original: 2 mg of THC and 4 mg CBD
  • Cann Hi Boys: 5 mg of THC and 10 mg CBD
  • Cann Roadies: 2 mg of THC and 4 mg CBD
  • Cann Low Boys: 1 mg THC and 15 mg CBD

Why We Love Cann: All the Benefits of Low-Dose Cannabis Drinks

If you love a good beverage, you’ll love Cann. But let’s explore more of what they’ve got going on!

Low Dose and Sessionable

Cann offers a unique low-dose, sessionable format, making it ideal for anyone seeking a more controlled and less intense buzz. Each beverage is crafted with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, providing a mild, manageable experience every single time. This allows you to savor multiple cans throughout your evening.

Relaxing and Social

Cann is designed to be the perfect companion for social occasions. With just the right amount of THC balanced with CBD, you’ll feel totally relaxed and stress-free, which is what you want with any social tonic. Whether you’re at a party or a quiet get-together, Cann enhances the experience.

Tasty Alcohol Alternative

One of the standout features of Cann is that it’s actually delicious. Unlike so many cannabis-infused beverages on the market today, its lineup of flavors is something that you’ll crave over and over again. From the zesty Lemon Lavender to the aromatic Grapefruit Rosemary, each offers a compelling alternative to traditional alcohol.

Low-calorie and No Hangovers

It’s also worth noting that, unlike alcohol, Cann is low-calorie. It’s a guilt-free indulgence.

Moreover, because Cann contains cannabis, you can enjoy as many as you want without the dreaded hangover the next day. This makes Cann a healthier choice all around.

Cannabis Drinks: A Healthier, Happier Social Tonic

Ready to elevate your next get-together? Shop at the Higher Path and discover the perfect addition to your social gatherings with Cann drinks. Enjoy the delicious flavors and balanced buzz to keep your guests relaxed and happy.

Make the switch to a healthier, more enjoyable social tonic with Cann and transform your celebrations today!


Is Cann a sativa or indica drink?

Cann drinks are crafted using an isolated THC and CBD, which helps craft a more consistent and predictable experience, meaning they aren’t specifically sativa or indica. The primary focus is on delivering a balanced experience with a precise combination of THC and CBD for a mild, manageable buzz.

Are Cann drinks legal?

Yes, Cann is legal in the states where they are sold, including at The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks, California.

How many mg is in Cann?

Cann offers a variety of potencies across its product lines:

  • Cann Original: 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD per 12 oz can
  • Cann Hi Boys: 5 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD per 12 oz can
  • Cann Roadies: 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD per packet
  • Cann Low Boys: 1 mg of THC and 15 mg of CBD per 12 oz can

What does Cann taste like?

Currently, you can get Cann’s cannabis drinks in five delicious flavors: Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom, Pineapple Jalapeño and Ginger Lemongrass.

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