Source Cannabis, Legendary Brand, Reviewed By a Budtender

By Budtender and Assistant General Manager, Sophie

Let’s talk about Source cannabis, baby! Because this flower brand checks every box. Source is a cannabis company that has been around since 2003. They are one of the first indoor growers to be considered “Clean Green Certified,” which means they only grow in organic soil and are believed to have “cleaner and purer” cannabis. 

Of course, when shopping for cannabis legally, you are always getting highly tested, non-pesticidal flower. However, getting a Clean Green Certification takes that to the next level, assuring the cleanest product possible. Source cultivates their own flower in-house. Their plants are hand-watered and hand trimmed. 

Source Cannabis is Legendary

Source Cannabis at The Higher PathI have been a fan of Source Cannabis since I started working in this industry. I’ve always been satisfied with their products. 

Looking at their flower, you can tell they have their process down. Their strains and quality are always consistent, and as a budtender, I appreciate that they add genetics and terpenes to their packing. 

It gives a better understanding of what we are selling. 



I recently tried their new strain, “Apples and Bananas.” This strain is a hot one on the market right now. Many brands are coming out with it in different forms. Source cannabis lists the top terpenes as Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. This gave the strain a sweet yet musky scent to it. After rolling it up and dry hitting the joint, the flavor was on point. You can really taste and smell the freshness and potency of the terpenes.

At first glance, it had some green and purple nugs, both very frosty and covered in crystal-looking trichomes. Very sticky to the touch, which is always a great sign of freshness. The strain is listed as indica dominant. I agree with that but only slightly indica dominant. Felt like 60/40 Indica dominant. It had a very chill and relaxing vibe while also giving a happy, giggly, euphoric feeling. Once again, they did not disappoint. 

I also tried their new smalls in the strain Whitefire. I’ve had their Whitefire joints before and LOVED them, so I was excited to try the strain in loose flower. Whitefire is a cross of White Widow and Fire OG. White Widow is one of those classic strains that is not often found anymore, but many people tend to ask for it, so I’m super glad to have a strain with it in the shop. 

The top terpenes are Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. Which are my favorite terpenes. A match made in heaven! Whitefire is listed as sativa dominant, and it definitely is that. The buds themselves are small yet powerful. 

The smalls we see from Source are the b-buds, or the buds lower on the plant. Be aware of their size, though, they are potent, and the quality is not compromised. They are a bit drier than the large buds but hit and taste just as good. This strain had bright green nugs with a frosty look from the snow-colored trichomes. I definitely tasted the hops in the myrcene and the citrus from the limonene while dry hitting the flower. The effects were more on the creative, euphoric side. Not an overwhelming or intense sativa. A great strain to get into your flow state, focus, and have a happy time! 

Source cannabis is a household name at this point. Any customer who tries it loves it! Between their quality, ethos, and strain transparency, few brands can stand up to the bar that Source has raised in the flower department. If you still need to get your hands on Source, now’s the time!! And if you buy Source at The Higher Path on Sundays, you’ll receive 10% off for “Stock up Sunday.” 


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